Truck hauling french fries overturns on ramp in Maine

stock photo of fries
fries truck

SCARBOROUGH, Maine— A tractor-trailer truck carrying french fries overturned on a turnpike ramp in Maine, causing a traffic tie up in a state known for its potato crop.

The truck was traveling too fast when it overturned on an on-ramp leading to the Maine Turnpike in Scarborough, police said. Driver Robert Skidget, 74, of Saco, was not charged in the Thursday crash. He suffered minor injuries.

Police told the Portland Press Herald that a fuel leak brought the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to the scene. The truck’s owner was R.C. Moore Inc., a trucking company with offices near the ramp.

Police said the crash closed the on-ramp during the evening commute.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the truck was carrying 80,000 pounds of french fries. This article was circulated by the Associated Press and once brought to our attention, The Trucker was unable to confirm the weight of the load being carried. The reference has been removed.


  1. 1st of all 1 truck cannot haul 80.000 lbs of anything including FF’s that is the gross weight, of truck,trailer,and cargo allowed by law is 80.000 stupid reporters at best probably 45.000 lbs maybe if loaded correctly trust me i drove a truck for 46 yrs you cannot haul 80.000 any way todays trailers would break into with that much weight on them


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