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– Trucker shoots it out with cops

– Bees close down truck stop in Nevada

– Customs broker scam

Hi, I’m David Compton. A trucker dies in a shootout with police, a customs broker’s scam goes up in smoke, and something’s buzzing at a rest stop in Nevada. These are just some of the stories we’re going to cover on this edition of the trucker news channel.

A suspect has been identified as Joshua Blessed, a 58-year-old truck driver from Yurman Express, as he led New York law enforcement officials on a chase that spanned three counties and lasted for more than an hour. The chase ended when Blessed was fatally shot. During the incident, the suspect allegedly rammed police cars in an attempt to also strike oncoming vehicles and repeatedly fired at police officers from his rig. The chase began in Leroy, New York when police officers pulled over the tractor trailer for a speeding violation. The chase ended when the tractor trailer veered off route 20A and onto a field. The suspect was declared dead at the scene. Blessed received multiple gunshot wounds, and the medical examiner’s office is working to determine whether the fatal shot was self-inflicted. Officials say they do not yet have a motive for Blessed actions and allegedly fleeing what could have been a routine traffic stop.

A Texas man’s smuggling plans went up in smoke recently as he tried to smuggle millions of contraband cigarettes into Mexico. The authorities were first tipped off when police stopped the semi truck hauling approximately 17 million cigarettes en route to a location in Mexico. They traced the load back to two warehouses, where they found 422,917,800 contraband cigarettes that were marked for shipment into Mexico. The total value of the seized contraband cigarettes and other equipment is estimated at approximately $88 million. Also, 88 year old Texas resident, Jose Francisco Guerrero, pled guilty to charges related to a cigarette smuggling attempt. Guerrero’s sentencing date has not been set yet. He faces up to 10 years prison and a fine of $250,000.

Something’s buzzing in Nevada. That’s because hundreds of bees were discovered swarming the faucets, the toilets, and other facilities at the Southern Nevada visitor center rest area along US 95, causing the shut down of the facility until further notice. The rest area is located about 17 miles south of Searchlight, Nevada in Clark County, and maintenance crews discovered the infestation while performing a fog seal pavement upgrade to the rest area’s north and south parking lots. The rest area will remain closed until it can be safely reopened again. For a complete list of Nevada state maintained rest areas, you can go to the link below.


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