The Daily Trucker | March 15, 2021

Hey everyone! It’s time for your Monday Daily Trucker News Update!

We have a lot of news to cover today, including:

  • Details of a controversial national ABC Test
  • The FMCSA CMV Advisory Board members share their goals…
  • And a crazy story of some would be thieves

So, let’s get trucking!

Carlin: We start today with news from Capitol Hill – where the house passed the Protecting the Right to Organize – or “PRO” Act. The pro-union bill does several things – but perhaps the most controversial is the inclusion of an ABC Test like the one introduced in California’s AB 5. The ABC Test is used to determine the definition of an independent contractor with the use of three “rules” – failure of even one means the contractor label doesn’t apply… The rule that really concerns truckers is specifically the B rule of performing “a service outside the usual course of business of the employer.” Meaning if a trucking company hires an independent driver – they would be classified as an employee, not contractor. Now, the test wasn’t the goal of the bill – in fact, the bill is mostly amendments to the National Labor Relations Act – which governs union elections and representation. Now the bill is headed to the Senate, where it is expected to fail.

Isela: We’ve covered the FMCSA’s advisory board before – and now the group of 25 CMV drivers are listing out their main focuses. They include: the expansion of safe truck parking, increased safe driving conditions for drivers, better support, and advocacy for women in trucking, and the overall input of drivers to be heard and considered in decisions. The board hasn’t yet met, and no date for the first meeting has been set.

Carlin: The new head of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, A. Bailey Wood, says making sure truck driver schools are prepared for the implementation of the entry-level driver training rule is his top priority. The association has already hosted several webinars and will host more, making sure the schools are ready. The rule, which establishes minimum standards for general knowledge and behind-the-wheel training, was supposed to go into effect in 2017 – but was delayed. The FMCSA extended the rule’s compliance deadline to Feb. 2022 – giving it more time to develop the Training Provider Registry – and give states time to update their systems to coordinate with the TPR system.

Isela: The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has released the 2021 North American Standard Out of Service Criteria. The new criteria goes into effect on April 1 – and replaces all previous versions. The criteria is the pass-fail standards for inspections – and identifies what will be inspected, what will prevent a driver from operating a CMV, and how long they will be unable to drive. You can get the Criteria as a handbook, electronic PDF, and in several languages. The CVSA will also be launching an app soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for it!

Carlin: A crazy story from Michigan – where two would be criminals were caught trying to steal rims off several trucks in a business in Monroe County. According to police – the two men were caught loading the rims into a truck… then, and this is where things get odd, they offered to pay police for them! When they turned down the offer, and who knows why they would do that, the men took off on foot – and one of them was even carrying a small child! The story just gets crazier right?! They didn’t get far and were eventually arrested… Police say they planned to sell the rims for scrap metal.

Isela: Everyone mark your calendars! Tony Justice’s first CD in 4 years, 18 Gears To Life, releases next month – on April 16! Tony tells us it’s his best album yet! Look for his new CD at TA corporate locations and of course online.   If you can’t wait – don’t worry! You can check out his latest sing, “Long Distance Love,” which was recorded and performed with Jayne Denham!

That does it for today’s update!

Tune in tomorrow for all the trucking news you need!

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