Hey everyone! It’s time for your Monday Daily Trucker News Update!

We have a lot of news to cover today, including:

  • More federal help to address the colonial pipeline emergency
  • What happened to a major bridge that caused traffic delays in two states
  • And incredible video of a 9-vehicle crash in Idaho

Anchor 1: So, let’s get trucking!

Carlin: The U.S. Department of Transportation announced additional measures to help states that have been impacted by the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline. The pipeline, which spans more than 5,500 miles from Texas to New Jersey, halted operations due to a ransomware attack that has been linked to a criminal gang. The DOT determined that states covered by presidential disaster declarations may use interstate highways to transport overweight loads of gasoline and other fuels. This comes after a declaration issued by the FMCSA, which provided relief from hours-of-service regulations to truckers helping the petroleum supply chains along the East Coast.

Britnee: The American Trucking Association is calling for Congress to adopt legislation designed to improve connectivity across commercial corridors and ensure long-term funding for highway programs. ATA President Chris Spear says the legislation would result in well-functioning commercial corridors that promote economic competitiveness and prosperity. According to ATA, trucks are bound to remain the dominant freight transporter — this year it’s projected to move about 70-percent of the country’s freight. Over the next 10 years, trucks will transport about 2 and half billion additional tons of freight than current levels.

Carlin: This is a problem we may start seeing a lot more often… A major interstate bridge shut down after inspectors found structural cracks. The I-40 bridge crossing the Mississippi River connecting Arkansas and Tennessee is closed indefinitely – forcing drivers to use a 71-year-old bridge linking Memphis and Arkansas until the 48-year-old, almost 2-mile bridge is repaired and safe. The 2020 National Bridge Inventory report said the bridge was in fair condition, with all primary structure elements sound… But, I think it’s safe to say the bridge probably needs an upgrade.

Britnee: Shell is planning not one, but two cross-country trips to showcase its futuristic fuel-efficient rig, the Shell Starship 2.0. Originally there was only one trip planned, but now the company plans to host two to have more results and data to share, with the hope it will lead to a better understanding of the relationship of featured technologies and efficiency. The two trips will start in San Diego and end in Jacksonville, Florida – the first will happen in May while the second will happen in August.

Carlin: The Idaho State Police are investigating after a 9 vehicle accident on Interstate 84 in Boise that left several people in the hospital… Look at this video from KTVB – according to their report, a semi hauling lumber had caught fire after a driver made a sudden lane change and hit the semi, causing it to sideswipe another vehicle and hit the median, sparking the fire before it jackknifed another semi… The driver of the semi that caught fire had to jump from the cab in order to get to safety…

Britnee: Wyoming is looking to add more truck parking and truck passing lanes to Interstate 80… WYDOT says crews have started working on the I-80 Winter Freight project between Rawlins and Laramie – one eastbound and the other westbound. Officials say the truck passing lanes will help move traffic more efficiently and help prevent crashes… The project will also add 100 truck parking spaces in two locations, one near Quealy Dome Road and the other at Fort Steele.

That does it for today’s update!

Tune in tomorrow for all the trucking news you need!

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