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i crash 1

I-80 pileup involves up to 140 vehicles. Warning disturbing video.

This crash occurred early the evening of March 1, 2020, on I-80 between Rawlins and Wamsutter, Wyoming. Three people were killed Linda Flores posted this video to YouTube. In her own words... My nephews and I were on our way to denver from utah. All through wy. I could not drive faster than 40mph. The signs through out interstate 80 advised us of icy roads,  low visibility, high winds, bad wheather conditions!! As we approached the incident we did not notice anything was wrong with the west bound lane because I was focused on the road ahead of me, until I noticed...
truck crash

Dash cam footage from I-80 crash involving 19 semis

This is some scary footage captured by Joshua Jones. Joshua was sleeping in the bunk, as his co-driver was behind the wheel. We don't have any info how this turned out, but our prayers go out to everyone involved. Warning: strong language. Courtesy: Joshua Jones

Billy Bigrigger knows where all the toilet paper is!

Billy Bigrigger (AKA Dave "Showtime" Meyer) tells you where all that toilet paper is sitting! Courtesy: Dave "Showtime" Meyer
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48 hours after testing for COVID-19, TRC documents their journey

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel document their journey. Sending prayers to them and everyone else who is ill at the moment. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel

Why America is facing a shortage of truck drivers.

CBS News shares their views on what they think is causing a driver shortage. What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.
red corvette

It's time once again to play "Who's Fault Is It?"

Ok viewers, it's time to play our regular game, "Who's Fault Is It?" Do you think the trucker cut off the red Corvette or was the Corvette just being a jerk? Obviously the brake check by the Corvette at the end was a jerk move, but who was at fault leading up to this? Warning: Strong Language Leave your answer in the comments! Courtesy: Joeybowman   Last week in NC... from r/Truckers
flaming stacks

Light 'em up!

A motorist captures a semi cruising through the intersection with the candles lit! Courtesy: Danny Dunlap

Critter Co-Pilot: Trucker’s dogs on the road

Have a video of your Critter Co-Pilot you would like to have appear on our website?  Send us a video at info@e7k.a33.myftpupload.com
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Semi carrying hay bales catches fire in Monroe County

Courtesy: KCCI Transcription: Monroe County sheriff dash-cam captured this in Albia. Hay bales on fire on a semi-trailer. Deputies say the semi was on Highway 34 yesterday when the bales caught fire. Albia Fire, wow, and the DOD assisted and the Sheriff's office says the hay bales will likely burn for a few days along that ditch.

Chef Guy Fieri gets CDL and new truck

In this edition we cover... - Fees lower for carriers - Tanker full of sugar collapses in middle - The worst bottlenecks in the country - Celebrity Guy Fieri teams with first responders All this and more news on this edition of The Trucker News Channel

Log on…log off

This poor trucker probably wishes he was behind a computer and not behind the wheel of this semi.  This video brings a new meaning to "log on and then log off." The video has been viewed over 645,000 times within hours of posting on Facebook. Courtesy: John Clark
year old shifts gears

This 10-year old shifts better than many adults!

Watch this 10-year old boy lay the hammer down on this 1977 Western Star. Go get 'em son! Courtesy: Brad's Classic Trucks And Trains

What? No Police Escort for this valuable cargo?

Ok we are all a bit stressed out.  How about a little levity?  Enjoy...
carrier closed 400x240 1

How to spot your carrier might be going under

We've seen a lot of carriers close recently, both big and small.  Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel sit down with Truckin America and share some tips to look out for. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel
Chesapeake Fire Department

Trucker rescued as semi hangs from bridge over Elizabeth River

First responders free a driver of a tractor-trailer after the vehicle crashed into the wall of a bridge in Chesapeake early Monday morning. The tractor-trailer struck the bridge wall and the impact of the crash was so strong, it left the tractor-trailer partially dangling off the right side of the bridge. Chesapeake firefighter Justin Beazley, a member of the technical rescue team, rappelled off the side of the I-64 Highrise Bridge to rescue the driver of a tractor-trailer that jackknifed, hanging 70 feet over the Elizabeth River. Authorities said the driver was alert at the time they helped free him. He was...