Florida man clings to hood of semi-truck for 9-mile ride


Over the weekend, several social media users shared a startling video of a man clinging to the hood of a semi-truck on the Florida Turnpike.

The bizarre incident began around 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 1, when police received a call about a disoriented male leaving his vehicle on an exit ramp near Boynton Beach. The man then crossed a concrete barrier between the north and southbound lanes of the turnpike.

That’s where a truck driver, who has been identified by Florida station KIRO as Edward Hughes entered the picture. Hughes reportedly stopped to assist the man who was frantically waving.

The man then jumped onto the hood of the truck and began hitting the windshield. Local news outlet, WPTV, reported that after about nine miles, the truck was intercepted by Florida Highway Patrol. The man was taken into custody and reportedly taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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