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Making $63.00 per mile

Our friends at the Trucking Review Channel talk about those times when the money is really good. Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel
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Professional driver Jacinda Duran announces nominees for Emmy award

Professional truck driver, Jacinda Duran, introduced the nominees for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie during the 72nd annual Emmy Awards.
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Female trucker gives birth in truck stop bathroom

In this episode: - Female trucker has baby in truck stop bathroom. - Transportation stocks suffer - Werner takes new electric semi - Beer run kills semi driver All...

Tax tips for Truckers – The Truck Boss Show

On this episode of The Truck Boss Show they speak with President, Barry Fowler.Courtesy: Truck Boss Show
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Fittest Driver Contest: Push Up Challenge Video

ATLANTA — Espyr’s Fit to Pass, a customized coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers and help them meet the physical requirements...

The Truck Boss Show – Liability Insurance Insight

Truck Boss team talks about how truckers are giving for the holidays, cargo theft statistics, liability insurance changes and teams up with the guys...

Critter Co-Pilot: Trucker’s dogs on the road

Have a video of your Critter Co-Pilot you would like to have appear on our website?  Send us a video at [email protected]

Why the ‘Trucker Salute’ is a tradition worth saving

There is something special about that momentary interaction between trucker and child.Courtesy: Local 24 Memphis
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When you want to work out, but drive a truck all day!

Did you make a New Year's resolution?  Perhaps this trucker did!  Looks like he has installed an exercise bike in the passenger side of...

A day in the life of a trucking couple – Grow big little roach

We are proud to introduce our audience to the Trucking Review Channel.  Come along as we follow this trucking couple and their adventures on...

The most accurate weather forecaster in the biz – Stormy Chaser

He has the perfect weatherman name and the accuracy to boot!Courtesy: Dave "Showtime" Meyer

An odd place to get a free meal in Nevada – Team trucking life

Christopher and Tammy are back on the road again in Nevada with some odd advice on where to get free food and coffee if...

What truckers need to know about CBD oils and marijuana laws

There is no doubt, many truck drivers experience pain.  Now, with many state laws changing regarding marijuana, CBD has become a popular non prescription...

The Truck Boss Show – The importance of big rig maintenance and remodeling old...

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Life without Truckers

With Trucker Appreciation Week coming up, it is hard to think what are lives would be like...but here is a glimpse.Video courtesy: Pilot Flying...
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We interview TCA’s Highway Angel Award Winner

Ed and Tracy Zimmerman, drivers for Hirschbach Motor Lines Inc. of Dubuque, Iowa, have been named the 2019 Highway Angels of the Year, also...