Prius taking flight in 3,2,….1.  Lift off.


  1. Could that train have stopped? Looks like no effort was made by that engineer to stop.Could have been a situation where the driver was having medical problems and deemed helpless trying to get out.I pray this wasn’t what happened and no one gets hurt.I realize that it cost a lot of time to stop and start a train and people need to obey traffic signals for their safety.But most likely this truck was broke down.These trains have a long clear view of what’s ahead and should have not hit this truck full speed the Prius hurled through the air could have hit an innocent family sitting at the crossing obeying the safety laws as they should and could have been killed because these rail workers want to exercise their authority and show them not to disobey these signals.Anytime a train hits anything with the speed weight and force it has their is always a possibility of fatalities.Stopping and just hitting it at a slower speed can save lives.Another thing that should be taken into consideration by these engineers is the fact they will have to stop anyway and they may have to live the rest of their lives knowing they could have made a bigger effort in preventing a death of a person or persons that will be on their minds the rest of their lives.Think this situation over before it happens.As a OTR Trucker I have experienced many situations where I could have it motorist and been justified and others me as well.But we all need to make every effort to keep our friends and family safe.GodBless all the working men and women of America and keep them safe.

  2. Um. So us trucks weigh upwards of 40 tons, or 80k pounds, no? And we are but ants compared to a train. Seriously, a train sees something on the tracks, and all the engineer can do is put it in Emergency and pray that God has mercy on their soul


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