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In this episode, we cover drivers battling 90 mph wind gusts in California and an autonomous convoy traveled nearly 300 miles through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Plus, a tiny trucker shows off his mini big rig in a now viral social media video.

Tucker Russ: Hey, truckers. I’m Tucker. A few drivers battled 90 mile per hour wind gusts in California, and an autonomous convoy traveled nearly 300 miles through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Plus, a tiny trucker shows off his mini big rig in a now viral social media video. That’s just a quick look at the stories we’re covering on this edition of The Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ: There are few things worse than the traffic in Southern California, but having your truck rocked by the wind is pretty high on that list. A motorist captured video of a truck rocking in the wind along the 210 freeway about an hour outside Fontana, California. As the Santa Ana winds reach more than 96 miles per hour, there were several trucks that did in fact overturn and snarled traffic in the area. So, next time you’re headed to LA, hope you have a smoother ride than these guys did.

Tucker Russ: Those on interstates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan might’ve noticed a couple tractor trailers playing follow the leader. The two-truck convoy was part of a level one automated demonstration that traveled over 280 miles. Both trucks were operated manually on streets; but while on interstates and turnpikes, the second was somewhat automated. Both vehicles had an operator on board, but the trucks automatically maintained a set distance. The trip wasn’t just a demonstration though, the group was also delivering food donations to several food banks along the way.

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Tucker Russ: A tiny trucker has taken social media by storm with a walk-around tour of his mini Peterbilt. This isn’t one of those motorized toys from Walmart, folks. This is a fully-loaded [Wee Pee 00:00:02:38] complete with a flatbed trailer. This little trucker who goes by the handle Rooster was so excited to show off his truck that features horns, landing gear, working exhaust stacks, and more than a hundred lights. After garnering well over 50,000 views on his Facebook, he has now grown a YouTube following, and I think we know what little Rooster wants to be when he grows up.

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