The Trucker News Channel — Dashcam Fireball

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In this episode, we cover work-zone traffic monitoring in the air, a fleet of low-emission trucks christen the long-awaited Port of Long Beach bridge. Plus, a trucker captures a fireball in the sky on his dashcam.

Tucker Russ: Hey, truckers, I’m Tucker. Police in Ohio are now watching for work zone traffic violations from the sky, and a fleet of low-emission trucks christen the long-awaited Port of Long Beach Bridge. Plus a trucker captures a fireball in the sky on his dash cam. And you don’t see that every day. That’s just a quick look at the stories we’re covering on this edition of the Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ: Police in Ohio now have an extra set of eyes to help pinpoint crash-causing traffic violations in work zones. Officers with the Ohio highway patrol’s aviation section will cover nearly a dozen work zones and measure speed by how long it takes a vehicle to pass between a series of lines painted on the roadway. The information is then relayed to a trooper on the ground who makes the traffic stop. Police have up their enforcement in these areas because of the high number of crashes in work zones. As of September, there have been over 3,000 work zone-related crashes in Ohio this year alone. Stay safe out there.

Tucker Russ: A fleet of near-zero emission trucks took the first drive across the Port of Long Beach Bridge as a part of the celebration of the long-awaited completion of the six-lane, nearly two-mile long bridge. The opening marks the end of a $1.47 billion effort to replace the 52-year-old Gerald Desmond Bridge, which was unable to accommodate cargo traffic demands. The inaugural convoy included 30 low-emission cargo trucks representing the ports of major shipping lines, as well as the debut of Volvo’s battery-electric cargo truck, which along with other latest zero- and low-emission vehicles, will help the Port of Long Beach achieve its clean air goals by 2035. Congrats on the new bridge, Long Beach.

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Tucker Russ: Truckers never know what they’ll see while on the road, but a fireball in the sky is definitely a new one. The confirmed meteor was captured on dash cam by YouTube’s trucker, Beetle Bailey, above the Pennsylvania Turnpike late last month. It was near mile marker 150 on Interstate 76 when the meteor appeared. The American Meteor Society received 700 reports of the sightings of the fireball but added that thousands of meters of this magnitude occur in the Earth’s atmosphere each day. The vast majority of these, however, are either masked by daylight or simply aren’t noticed at night.

Beetle Bailey: Whoa, anybody see that flashing light? Something just came straight through the clouds and sky.

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The Trucker News Channel — Dashcam Fireball