The Trucker News Channel — Whose lane is it anyway?

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In this episode, we cover: A Swedish manufacturer is making its autonomous, electric transport vehicles available globally, lane markings in Utah leave drivers wondering, whose lane is it anyway? Plus, a trucker gets a whopping fine after getting stuck on a scenic route in Vermont.

Tucker Russ: Hey, truckers. I’m Tucker. A Swedish manufacturer is making its autonomous electric transport vehicles available globally and lane markings in Utah leave drivers wondering, “Whose lane is it, anyway?” Plus, a trucker gets a whopping fine after getting stuck on a scenic route in Vermont. That’s just a quick look at the stories we’re covering on this edition of The Trucker News Channel.

Tucker Russ: Well, they look a bit odd, but could they be the future of freight mobility? Produced by Sweden’s Einride, these fully autonomous electric heavy transport vehicles, known as “pods,” will now be available on a global scale. The pods have no driver’s compartment and are classified in levels, level one being ideal for closed facilities and level four being fully autonomous operation on freeways and other major roads at about 50 miles per hour. Businesses now have access to levels one and two and can reserve levels three and four for delivery starting in 2022.

Tucker Russ: A Utah trucking company is asking for clear lane markings through a work zone on a portion of Interstate 15 in Lehigh after one of its drivers dashcam footage shows how dangerous the current markings can be. The video shows a truck following lanes that have been remarked and a car following visible lines from where the lanes used to be, which nearly caused a collision. The state’s transportation department currently uses tape for temporary lane configurations and it sometimes leaves a residue once removed. The department said they’re looking into ways to remove it.

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Tucker Russ: An Illinois truck driver received nearly a $1200 fine and two points on his license after getting his rig stuck on Vermont Route 108, which although scenic, is not meant for tractor-trailers. Authorities say the 26-year-old driver ignored several clearly posted signs warning against trucks and buses using the road. Troopers were able to guide him back to an accessible route but warned that a second offense would bring a fine of more than $2,000. This was the second truck to make the mistake in the same location this month alone. Although it’s beautiful, scenic route, don’t take it, truckers.

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