Clear the static and tune your ‘radio’ to the word of God

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Clear the static and tune your ‘radio’ to the word of God

How many of you have heard the song “Turn Your Radio On” by Skeeter Davis? Or “Dust on the Bible” by Kitty Wells? I guess I’m dating myself with those particular songs, but they each have a lot of meaning and truth if you really listen to the words.

We all have times when we fail to read our Bible, or we don’t really read with an open mind and ears to the actual message and meaning of the passages. If you truly want to understand what you’re reading, you must be open enough to receive and absorb the message. Don’t just read the words, but actually take time to understand what they’re saying.

Often we find ourselves just reading words, but we must “turn our radio on” and tune in to the station. Picture this: The radio receiver is your mind, and your mind must be on the right wavelength to interpret what you hear and read.

How often do you get in your vehicle, turn your radio on, tune it to a station and listen to music? Well, it works the same way when we open our Bible and start to read. You tune yourself into what you read. We all know words to songs, but do we know God’s word the same way? Why not memorize words from our Bible and get a message that can be replayed in our minds? Get in tune with God’s word as much as you do the words to a song on the radio.

Don’t let your Bible just gather dust on the shelf or coffee table, bury it under newspapers and magazines and forget it’s even there. If you don’t open your Bible and read it, there’s no way you can be tuned in to the messages inside. This is like static on the radio! Instead of getting a clear understanding of God’s word, you may hear every other word. The longer you let the dust pile up on your Bible, the more static you’ll get instead of the clear, meaningful inspiration you need daily.

It’s time we get our minds set on God’s word and get the dust off our Bibles. You don’t need to be a theologian to understand God’s word — you just need to tune in and read it. The more you read, the more in tune with God you will be. Your mind will be on the right wavelength, without all the static, and the message will be clear.

If you let static take over the receiver (your thoughts), you are not turning your radio (your mind) on and tuning into what you may need to amplify the day. That dust on the Bible is static that disrupts the transmission of God’s message from his word to your brain. Tune your channel to hear God’s word and be receptive to the broadcast.

We don’t need static in our lives. Be a receiver, tuned to hear and understand the Bible’s message. Why do we find it so hard to sit and quietly read our Bible and be open receivers of God’s “songs” without the static?

I challenge you to get rid of the “Dust on the Bible,” “Turn Your Radio On” and get in touch with God. Put away those magazines and newspapers (or social media and podcasts) and pick up the best history book ever created — the Bible. You’ll start to hear the music of eternal life, “One Day at a Time.”

The more often you pick up and read your Bible, the less dust and static there will be, and you’ll be on a stronger wavelength to receive the message. Be a receiver of pure sound waves that will echo in your heart and mind and put you in tune with God.

Best of the roads, and all gears forward in Jesus.

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