Earth’s rebirth during spring serves as reminder of the promise of eternal life through Christ

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Earth’s rebirth during spring serves as reminder of the promise of eternal life through Christ
For many, the arrival of springtime represents a change from winter’s darkness to the light and new growth that comes with warmer weather.

Spring has sprung!

Look all around you. You’ll see the trees are sprouting leaves, the flowers are blooming and, of course, the grass has started to grow again.

Isn’t spring a wonderful time of the year?

We all look forward to this change in the season, and most of us are ready to start enjoying the warmer weather.

But let’s take another look. The mysteries of nature have a way of showing us signs of rebirth and resurrection each spring. We all look forward to these spectacular changes.

Now let’s follow this idea with the thought of Easter.

Easter is a time of rebirth, illustrated by the death and resurrection of Christ.

Christ’s “winter” was when he died on the cross and was laid in the tomb. His resurrection — his “spring,” you might say — was proof of eternal life for all of us.

We often get new clothes for Easter, but our eternal clothes will never be discarded as we do our earthly clothes. What we see now and experience now with our human eyes is just a hint of the glories of what the beauty our heavenly eyes will behold.

Once I explained the tomb and the resurrection to several folks that were asking a few questions about it. Now, let me try to explain it to you as well, so you may all get an understanding of just what might be the easiest way to explain Easter.

When you look at those pretty colored Easter eggs, just think of the shell as the tomb that held Christ.

Now, crack open that shell and see the white of the egg inside. That white represents the garments Christ left behind in the tomb.

Next, peel away the white and you’ll come to that bright yellow yolk. That’s the “sun” — the son of God. That’s Christ radiating all the brightness and beauty of eternal life.

Someday, we too will be in a glorified state and will radiate the glory of God for eternity.

Life here on earth is a “winter” that we are experiencing, but heaven will be the “spring” of our forever.

Enjoy life here on earth, but as Easter approaches, understand that heaven is where our glory will radiate for eternity.

Christ came, died and rose again to show us the seasons of life and to give us life eternal.

Are you ready for Easter? Are you ready for Spring? Be sure to take the time and enjoy each season as it comes into our lives.

Happy spring, and happy Easter.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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