God removes ‘seeds’ of sin so we can shine with the light of his love

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God removes ‘seeds’ of sin so we can shine with the light of his love

Fall colors are looking so bright now. We feel the change of seasons happening and are preparing for winter to set in soon.

But for now, it’s time for a hay ride and to carve a pumpkin.

Do you remember the fun of carving a pumpkin? You had to cut off the top and remove all those seeds inside. Then you carved a smiling face. Finally, you placed a candle inside the hollowed-out pumpkin and lit it to glow in the dark, showing off that awesome carved face.

Oh, how you smiled when you saw displayed that artwork for all to see!

That reminds me of what someone told me years ago about how God feels about you once you accept him into your life. I was told that God opens us up and removes the seeds of sin; then he replaces those seeds with the light of his love and salvation.

We glow with the light of salvation, showing the world what has been done in our new life through Christ. God can smile and claim you as a perfect reflection of him here on Earth.

Just think of this as you go through your life: Our time here on Earth is only short time, but eternity is just that — it’s eternal.

Always reflect the love of God so you have a reason to smile, no matter what your day may be like. Once you are gone from this Earth, let those who left behind reflect on your life as something good.

A tombstone tells the dates of a person’s birth and death — but it says nothing of what they did in the years between. Leave a legacy for that will be remembered.

I wrote once before that “RIP” stands for “rest in peace” —but it could also stand for “repo in progress.” Will you rest in peace with God for eternity? Or will you be an eternal repo in progress in hell?

It’s your choice. Only you can determine where you will spend eternity.

If you want to “rest in peace,” then remove the seeds of sin out of your life and replace them with the glow of Christ as the reflection of your daily life.

Let the world know you have been “carved” by the grace of God’s love, and that your eternal life will be one of resting in peace with him.

To use another seasonal symbol, your life here on Earth is like a “hay ride,” preparing you to rest in peace in the next life. It may seem you are having a bumpy ride, but can you imagine how rough it will be if you spend all of eternity lost and in hell!?

Life is just too short to waste it and not share the glow of your inner candle. Only you can accept the “carving” of God’s love, cleansing you of sin and placing the glow of peace and joy into your life.

No one is perfect. Sometimes we let our candle burn, out but God can relight it — once we ask for it to be lit again.

We all were created in God’s image, and only he can remove the seeds of sin and “carve” our lives to reflect his love.

Don’t let Satan fool you into thinking you’re not worth being carved — no one is rejected by God. Instead, he removes our sin and fills us with a light that defeats the darkness of this world.

Do you remember the song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”? Well, let your light shine, and prepare to rest in peace with the love of God.

Satan doesn’t like this light, and will do everything he can to blow out your candle. Reject becoming a repo in progress, and Satan will flee from you.

Get on board the “hay ride” to heaven, and let your candle shine in the darkness, reflecting the love of God to all you meet along life’s path.

Happy October, and happy Halloween! And, as always, best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus,

Rev. Marilou Coins

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