‘Look on the sunny side’ can be a mantra for finding good in all things

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‘Look on the sunny side’ can be a mantra for finding good in all things

Here we are at the halfway point of the year. So much has happened over the past six months that we all are astounded and amazed that we reached this pivotal point.

The seasons have disrupted our lives in so many ways that all we seem to want is a quiet peaceful rest of the year. How many of us have been through a lot of turmoil during the past six month? How has it taken a toll on your life? Has it caused you to wonder about just what’s next? And can we stand to take any more stress on our lives?

I believe that if we only reflect on all the disasters in life, we will never be able to see the good things. We need to focus on the positive instead of the worst things that happen. Just remember, something good comes out of every disruption in life. We may not realize it at first, but if we just reflect on the situation we can find something good in the end result.

So many people lost homes in the tornadoes and storms that have swept the nation over the past months. If you are among that number, take time to realize that you are alive, and you have another day to enjoy life with family and friends.

Praise God for that!

Material things can be replaced, but lives cannot. Now is the time to give God the praise for our lives.

I think these past months have taught many of us to be grateful for family and friends and have helped forge a stronger bond between us all. The next half of the year is the perfect time to grow and strengthen this bond.

Keep looking to the future, and don’t dwell on the past. After the storm always comes the calm, and the sunshine of a brighter day. It may seem like a long road ahead for a lot of us — but that’s the road we can make the best of and repair broken relationships. Let’s all look forward to a brighter tomorrow and see that life is worth living, instead of dwelling on the past.

I’m finding that it does take a lot of effort to move forward … but every step forward is better than sitting still and doing nothing. We all have had troubles, but it’s important that we don’t let those troubles rule our lives.

Neighbors helping neighbors, something we often see following storms or other natural disasters, is a way we all can grow and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

God never will abandon us in our trials and troubles; instead, he will give us the strength to overcome them. You may not see it immediately, but by the time this year comes to a close you will be looking back and seeing the growth and changes, and you will find things are better.

Don’t give up; keep moving forward. Each step is one in the right direction. Be sure to thank God for each blessing along the way. I find that when I’m thanking God for each blessing that even more blessings come around. Some may even be unexpected, but all are there for us to enjoy.

Never give up. Satan is ready to give you a “no hope” attitude, and that’s only going to hurt your relationship with God and others.

Don’t let a disaster control you. Let your strength in God control the situation. Tell Satan NO, and tell God YES, and put a smile on your face. Then move forward to a brighter rest of this year — no matter what happens. God is always with you through the storms of life.

Best of the roads, and all gears forward in Jesus.

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