Some might view Christ as ‘original truck driver’

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Some might view Christ as ‘original truck driver’

August is a month of transition. Yes, it’s still summer but we are thinking of fall. Schools will soon be in session. We already see all the fall decorations in the stores.

Of course, as a truck driver, you already know the rush is on for the fall and winter seasonal events ahead. In addition to fall goods, you’re probably delivering products for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays. As a truck driver, you’re the one who delivers all the goodies that put the smiles on the faces of the nation.

Just what is your concept of a trucker?

Let me tell you how I see truckers. Truckers comes in all sizes and colors. They are the embodiment of progress with diesel fumes in their hair. They make a living maneuvering 10 tons of steel along the highways. They haul the needs of the nation. They are big business with a road map. And when the tires sing, the road is straight and the moon shines bright on a ribbon of cross-country highway, drivers are the happiest and the most useful people in America. If you were born 200 years ago, you might have been a buccaneer or a soldier of fortune, or maybe a Pony Express driver or a wagon master.

And when truckers find themselves in need of a little “time out” with Christ, they need a minister who knows their needs and can relate to them.

Because I was a trucker, I believe I can share Christ with drivers in special ways. I know the hurts and pitfalls of the road. The heartache can sometimes get a driver down, and having someone you can open up with and find a connection with is important.

Writing this column is my way of giving truckers a way to find Christ in their lives.

Did you know that Christ could be considered the original delivery “driver”? Just look at Christ and you can see his role as a truck driver. First, God can be viewed as the original dispatcher. He dispatched
Jesus to the world. Then Jesus delivered healing (medical supplies), teaching (school books and lessons) and even food to feed the people. Jesus traveled many roads, delivering all these supplies to all the people along the way.

And if you read in your Bible about all the traveling that Jesus did, you will notice also that he took time out to rest — just as you, the trucker, rest after your hours of service.

But, now let’s look at the rest of the journey in the life of Jesus.

At the end of his route, Jesus carried our load of sins to Calvary. He died on the cross for us and unloaded our sins at Hell’s gate. Christ then was dispatched back home to heaven, just as each driver returns home after a long haul.

But it doesn’t end there. Jesus will be coming back as he promised, and his return load will be transporting all of those who are faithful to him to spend an eternity in heaven.

Are you seeing how you can view Jesus as the original truck driver? Jesus brought us salvation from sin. You, as a trucker, bring “salvation” to mankind here on earth by delivering the material needs to people here on earth.

Don’t ever think that you are not important, because you are. Without truckers, no one would have the clothing, food, shelter and other essentials needed for survival.

Jesus, as our truck driver, is our salvation from sin. The road to heaven was paved by his shed blood. He brought us healing from sin. He taught us how to live through his teachings. He fed us the bread of life and the cup of salvation (communion). Every time you take communion, you are fed with the life of Christ.

Always remember that you are important to the world. Jesus is important because he hauled your sins to Calvary and left them at Hell’s gate. Because of this, you can claim the promise of eternal life.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus,

Rev. Marilou Coins

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