The true value of a gift can’t be measured in dollars

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The true value of a gift can’t be measured in dollars

Here we are, already in the last month of the year. So many people are busy thinking about Christmas and finding the perfect gift to give to each person on their list.

Did you ever stop to think that spending time to visit with others or helping them out means much more than a store-bought gift? For example, baby sitting for free so a mom and dad can spend a night out by themselves is a great gift. Or how about spending time with an elderly person who just needs to have someone to visit with?

The gift of self may be exactly what a friend, family member or acquaintance needs. I find that precious moments mean a lot more to some folks than a store bought gift.

For example, spending time with grandchildren can be very rewarding, not just for the kids, but also for you! Life is measured by memories we make more than you may realize. In this season of giving, give something of yourself that will be remembered by the ones who receive it.

On the first Christmas, the shepherds came to visit a baby in a manger. They brought no gifts other than themselves as they traveled to Bethlehem to greet Christ, the new-born king.

We should all follow that example and simply visit someone who’s lonely, or do something special for someone during this season of giving. Believe it or not, you will receive just as much as you give by doing this! You will feel so much of an uplifting of self when you share your time and attention with others. Yes, gifts are important — but the gift of self can do more than a store-bought gift ever could.

If you look at the life of Christ, you’ll see how much he gave of himself, and how others were touched by his actions. He didn’t share store-bought gifts. Instead, he used his time, words and actions to lift up others. Not once did he ask for anything in return. He did this to show us the gift of self means a lot to someone who needs a bit of uplifting.

We need to do likewise in this special season of Christmas. Time spent with family or friends means a lot, and it brings the joy of the season to life for all. Merry Christmas to all, and be sure to enjoy the reason for the season.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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