To everything, there is a time: Don’t rush through the seasons of the year — or your life

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To everything, there is a time: Don’t rush through the seasons of the year — or your life

We are now starting the fall season. Just notice the changes around you: Nature is starting to change colors and we are now in the “ber” season. All the next four months end with “ber” to let us know we are headed for a change.

Have you ever thought about change in your life? Every day of your life there is a change that happens. It may be a small change, or it can be a very large change. Sometimes we don’t even notice it — but it’s there!

We always look forward to each change of the seasons. Sometimes we, as humans, rush the season and don’t take the time to reflect on what each season offers. If we could just slow down and not rush through the seasons, I think we all could enjoy the beauty of each time of the year, and we would enjoy life so much more.

We could notice the beauty of the changing colors and the coolness in the air as fall leads us towards winter.

The old saying, “Take time to smell the roses” can be applied to any time of the year. Why are we always rushing to get to the next season in life? We all are guilty of the same thing. As kids, we can’t wait to be teenagers. As teenagers, we can’t wait to be adults. As adults, we can’t wait for retirement. We all do this with each season of our life.

If we all took things as they come instead of rushing ahead, we would have less stress in our lives. Rushing always leads to stress — and less enjoyment in life.

If we look in the Bible, we see that God never rushed ahead; instead, he did each thing in a positive order and in its own time.

Each season — of the year and of our lives — has something special that we all can enjoy. But when we rush forward to the next season, we actually grow tired of it even before it comes around.

Nature takes its time to change, so why do we as humans try to start getting ready for Christmas before Labor Day? Or Thanksgiving before Halloween?

As a child, I never saw the Christmas tree until I woke up on Christmas morning. It was so beautiful to see those bright colorful lights. The joy it brought was awesome. Seeing the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving takes away that awesome excitement of a Christmas celebration. By December all that excitement has changed, and by Christmas we are already frustrated with that joyful feeling.

Nowadays it seems the seasons are all jumbled up and confusing, and we have less excitement about the season as we should.

Stop and think about the life of Jesus. Everything he did was not rushed; instead it was thought through before he did it.

It’s the same today: Nothing in our lives should be rushed — but done with thought, and enjoyed. The seasons all arrive in their time, not rushed ahead of each other. No snow in July. No high temperatures in December. Each month has its time to shine.

Let’s follow this with our lives. Live life to the fullest, but don’t rush ahead of it. Not having so much stress from rushing through life can give us a brighter future. Prepare now for the adventure of life as the seasons roll by.

Fall leads to winter. Enjoy the rest of this year, and take it one day at a time. No rush. Happy fall!

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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