Reaping what you sow: Plant good seeds in your spiritual garden

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Reaping what you sow: Plant good seeds in your spiritual garden
Just as a gardener tends a vegetable patch or flower bed, it’s important to tend one’s soul, or spiritual garden.


May is the month for planting, not only flower beds, but also vegetable gardens.

How many of you enjoy watching those seeds become a fruit or vegetable for your visual enjoyment and pleasure to eat? Oh, the joy of watching things burst into life and savoring the bounty of our harvest! Nothing can compare to watching things grow.

Have you ever thought about gardening God’s way? I was given a planting list on how to “plant your spiritual garden,” and I’d like to pass it along to you. Even if you don’t have time to tend a garden of plants, it’s important to care for your spiritual garden. Here’s how:

First, plant three rows of “peas”:

  • Peace of mind;
  • Peace of heart; and
  • Peace of soul.

Second, plant four rows of “squash”:

  • Squash gossip;
  • Squash indifference;
  • Squash grumbling; and
  • Squash selfishness.

Third, plant four rows of “lettuce”:

  • Let us be faithful;
  • Let us be kind;
  • Let us be obedient; and
  • Let us really love one another.

Fourth, no garden is complete without “turnips”:

  • Turn up for meetings;
  • Turn up for service or work;
  • Turn up to help one another;
  • Turn up with a smile, even when things are difficult; and
  • Turn up with determination to do your very best.

Next, water your spiritual garden freely with patience and cultivate it with love. There will be lots of fruit and vegetables in your garden, because you reap what you sow.

To round out your garden, you must have plenty of “thyme”:

  • Time for God;
  • Time for prayer and study; and
  • Time for self, family and friends.

After all this planting, we need to “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18).

Now isn’t that the best garden you ever planted? Many of us really need to start planting good in our lives so we can share this “garden” of information with others. If all our gardens were so well kept there would be less evil and hatred in our daily lives. When we plant a seed, it will produce whatever we have planted.

Pull the weeds out of your garden so nothing can harm your fruit or vegetables. Even if you start with just one seed, it will eventually produce more than one fruit. Remember, every garden is planted with many types of seeds, and as we “water” those seeds, they sprout and flourish, increasing whatever was planted.

Are you planting good seed? I pray you are, because this world needs good seeds that thrive in spite of the evil — the “weeds” — that are all around us. Take time to till your soil — your soul — before planting, so only the best crop will grow from what you have sown. You are your own gardener. No one can plant your seeds but you — and, as they say, you reap what you sow.

By the way, May also has two special days in it — Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Don’t forget to honor your mother, whether she’s alive or deceased. Cherish the memories of time spent with her. Memorial Day is time to reflect on all the military servicemen and women who died to protect our freedom. Enjoy your freedom that has allowed us to celebrate this special day.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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