Big rig overturns, dumps 60,000 pounds of garbage on Interstate 89

In this screen capture from WMUR-TV, a big rig driven by Shilo White of Charlestown, New Hampshire, lies on its side after dumping 60,00 pounds of garbage on I-89 in Warner, New Hampshire. (Courtesy: WMUR)

WARNER, N.H.  — New Hampshire troopers say a tractor-trailer hauling 60,000 pounds of garbage overturned on I-89, sending trash across the highway in Warner.

“I saw the truck coming up the ramp, and I merged into the left lane, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw it going, and there was no stopping,” said witness Tyler Cushman when interviewed by television station WMUR-TV.

Trash fills the lanes of Interstate 89 at Warner, New Hampshire, Tuesday after a tractor-trailer overturned, dumping 60,000 pounds of garbage on the highway. (Courtesy: WMUR)

Cushman said he had one thought going through his mind.

“Not getting crushed,” he said.

Neither Cushman nor the driver of the tractor trailer, Shilo White, 46, were injured.

White was charged with speeding, and Jewell Transportation of Claremont, owner of the big rig, could be cited as well, police said, pending an investigation.

The crash at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday shut down the two southbound lanes for the day. Officials hoped to complete the cleanup and reopen the lanes Tuesday afternoon.

Neither Cushman nor the driver of the tractor-trailer were injured, and no other vehicles were involved. Reflectors along the highway were flattened by the truck, and marks on the road showed the path it took.

“The initial indicators for the cause of the crash is the vehicle was traveling too fast for the curve, and the load shifted and caused it to roll over,” state police Lt. Andrew Player said.

“The biggest concern is not getting any more contaminants into the Warner River,” said Scott Reed of Reed Truck Services. “We’re trying to pull everything away from the guardrail, get it contained, get it loaded into dumpsters, kind of get it off scene so the wind isn’t blowing it around.”



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