Trucking through COVID-19: CAT Scale embraces ‘no contact’ even before COVID-19 crisis

Trucking through COVID-19: CAT Scale embraces ‘no contact’ even before COVID-19 crisis
CAT Scale offers a smartphone app that allows truck drivers to way and pay without having to leave their vehicle.

Drivers do not like to waste time. With the implementation of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, drivers’ time is more closely scrutinized — and more valuable — than ever. Therefore, anything that can save time for the driver is a big plus. This, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken hold of the United States, makes staying inside the cab of the truck even more essential.


CAT Scale was embracing a contactless alternative to weighing a loaded truck even before the threat of COVID-19 limited interaction with other people for everyone. With the Weigh My Truck app, there is no need for interaction. Everything can be done from one location on the driver’s mobile device. This not only makes a driver’s life easier; it also helps to keep them in line with social-distancing standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CAT Scale’s smartphone app — Weigh My Truck — allows drivers to weigh and pay from their smartphone or tablet without ever having to leave their truck. Drivers can easily access the app by visiting to set up an account. A fleet can also set up an account for all its drivers and trucks. Once the account is set up, the driver downloads the free app from their app store.

When it’s time to weigh, the driver drives the truck onto the CAT scale, opens the app, confirms the CAT Scale location and the truck identification information displayed on the smartphone or tablet screen, payment is processed, and the driver sees their weights immediately. A PDF copy of the printed scale ticket is then emailed to the driver within minutes.

This technology eliminates the traditional process of utilizing a printed ticket to properly be weighed, and the weights are still guaranteed. The CAT Scale app can get drivers on the road quickly, and even more importantly, it can keep them safe in these uncertain times.

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