Here are the top five reasons to consider being a truck driver.

Number one, job security. Trucking is one of the very few careers where you are in such high demand, you can find a job virtually anywhere. Across America there is a shortage of CDL holders and job sites are full of ads looking for truckers.

Number two, good pay plus benefits. You might start at the bottom, but with hard work and dedication you can move up to more lucrative types of hauling. With a few years of experience plus any special qualifications such as permits or endorsements. A six figure salary in trucking is definitely attainable.

Number three, trucking is pretty easy on the body. Yes, there are parts of a trucker’s day where physical labor is involved. However, most time is spent behind the wheel and these days many rigs are pretty comfortable. When compared to jobs like construction or farming, trucking is less physically demanding.

Number four, freedom. The time spent behind the wheel means you are a captain of your own ship. Yes, you do have to deal with dispatchers and such. But truckers have a lot of freedom out on the road.

Number five, the chance to see the USA. There are very few other careers that afford the ability to travel and see this great country. You might be flying past some of it at 60 miles an hour, but the front windshield is the view from your office. For many truckers, it doesn’t get much better than that.


  1. My friend’s son loves driving and he gets excited when he drives big vehicles. I like how you explained that truck drivers depend on must of their time behind the wheel. I will recommend him to look for a trucking job so that he can do what he likes and earn money for it.

  2. I loved how you mentioned that you can have freedom on the road. My brother was telling me last night about how he was thinking about going to a truck driving school so that he can become a truck driver, and he wanted to know more about the benefits of having a job like that. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so that he can know more about the benefits of being a truck driver.


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