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ARLINGTON, Va. — Since the onset of COVID-19, the world has seen many changes in business practices — in particular, the now-common practice of conducting important meetings via Zoom or other virtual conference hosts.

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On Oct. 8, Truckload Carriers Association kicks off a three-part educational series designed to help members of the trucking industry — or any industry — communicate effectively, both in person and virtually. The second and third workshops will be held Nov. 12 and Dec. 10.

Guest speakers W. Jordan Wagner, founder of WJW Consulting, and Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics, will present insightful 90-minute workshops focused on nonverbal communication, engaged listening and purposeful responding, and interpersonal investment. During these workshops, participants will gain insights on how to interpret and improve their own nonverbal communication skills and will be provided with tools for communicating more effectively with their virtual teams.

Nonverbal Communications: We Are Always Communicating (1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Oct. 8)

Attendees will learn how to read and interpret nonverbal communication (NVC) in a Zoom environment, as well as discover vital tools for communicating in a virtual world.

Engaged Listening and Purposeful Responding (1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 12)

At the end of this session, participants will be able to understand the magnitude and importance of listening first; comprehend how we let the various forms of “noise” influence our communication attempts; and listen and respond effectively for improved performance by way of interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal Investment: Having a People-First Portfolio (1 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Dec. 10)

The final session of the series is designed to help attendees positively increase workplace relationships; recognize the importance of human capital (aka “team members”); and employ simple tools for improving culture through interpersonal investment.

To learn more about the series and reserve a virtual seat, click here.

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