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delivering to the zero g plane she fell out the bed youtube 1

Delivering to the Zero G plane

If my bank account didn't have $0g in it, I'd spend the $5g to ride this baby! Our friends at the The Trucking Review Channel...
runaway truck

Near head-on crash averted

Runaway truck in the middle of a snow storm.  Crisis averted! Warning: Strong Language. Courtesy: Troy Lorencz
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The Trucker News Channel Episode #85

In this episode:Love's to open 40 more stores New road rage stats AB5 halts
fmcsa crashes

The Trucker News Channel – FMCSA crashes

-FMCSA websites crashes -Super trucker hits 5 million miles -PA give tickets with cameras now -Knight-Swift starts predictive pricing
Chicken accident 400x240 1

What the cluck? Big Rig Carrying 6,000 Chickens Flips On Its Side

A big rig that was hauling chickens crashed in rural Sacramento County early Wednesday morning. Courtesy: CBS Sacramento
trailer cave in

Trailer cave in – how does this happen?

Here is a odd piece of trucking video we found this morning.  How does this happen?  Share you thoughts in the comments. Courtesy: TalkCDL Trucking...
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All ends well in runaway semi on Grapevine

Dashcam footage captures a semi coming down the Grapevine in California.  Looks like all ended well and danger avoided. Courtesy: Camarena Bros

Semi vs bicyclist

This could have been so much worse!Looks like this guy might have been surfing along side of the semi.  Either way, he is lucky...

Tumblegeddon – The Trucker News Channel #083

- Tumblegeddon traps semi on highway-JB Hunt Expands-Fleetwood closes- Semi dumps 43,000 pounds of milk with no cookies in sight

Review of 2019’s most crazy trucking news stories

Here are some of our more funny and interesting stories from 2019.

RUN! – Insane out of control semi caught on camera

There was a a major pileup on Highway 84 in Lubbock County, Texas Friday and it was all captured on camera.A camera crew from...

The DOT shuts Santa down and truckers save Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our truckers.  Thanks for saving the day...every day!Courtesy: Bill Weaver

The Trucker News Channel – Christmas Episode

Who knew cousin Eddie was a trucker!Merry Christmas.

History lesson with the Timelapse Trucker – The Vityaz DT30

It's story time again with the Timelapse Trucker!  This time he tells us all about the Vityaz DT30 from the Soviet Union. This puppy...

Apparently it is harder to see out of the front window of a semi...

This video was obviously shot somewhere in England.  Hard to believe the guy did not know he hit the car and was pushing it...

Are you ready for a semi truck lease? Ask yourself these things first!

Some honest straightforward advice to look at before you take the plunge.Courtesy: Trucking Review Channel

Driver OK after semi-truck crashes into retention pond

A driver was rescued after his semi-truck hydroplaned off an exit at Florida's Turnpike and wound up in a retention pond. Courtesy: WPLG Local 10

The Trucker News Channel Episode #080 – AB5 spreading to other states?

In this episode:Will AB5 spread to other states? $3 million in cash found in cargo Truck driving school owner busted Drivers not getting...

It’s time once again to play “Who’s at Fault?”

It's time again to play our popular game "Who's at Fault?"Watch the video and let us know in the comments section if you think...