It’s time again to play our popular game “Who’s at Fault?”

Watch the video and let us know in the comments section if you think it was the trucker or motorist.

Courtesy: Dumah Die


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  1. I agree the truck driver was at fault, when I was driving I always pulled part way into the turn lane then swung left to make the right if I needed to.

  2. It can be tough to navigate these types of turn Lanes. But I’m the video it appears the truck drivers decision to make turn was very last minute. Didn’t signal until motorist was almost past the midship lamp on the trailer and want passing attention to his surroundings. Signal came on about a second before he started his turn. Had her checked his mirror the motorist would have been visible. My opinion is the truck driver is at fault. He definitely has better options and procedures that would have avoided this preventable accident!

  3. Truck driver at fault most definitely. He or she should have split the lane or took the button hook approach as mentioned in another comment.he or she also waited entirely way to long to signal for that type of turn. One last thing to add Amazon uses the same dedicated drivers on their routes is what I have been told by some , this being the case that driver has made that turn more than once into that facility. Bottom line keep your head on a swivel and check those mirrors their not there just for looks!

  4. The truckers fault. My wife experienced the same treatment, but worse. A truck driver had his left turn signal on at an intersection as my wife pulled into the right turn lane. His truck was blocking her view so she waited to turn. The trucker changed his mind and pulled attempting to make a right turn cutting her off. As she panicked trying to back up he realized that he was going to be in the wrong lanes to finish the now right lane. He drove over the hood of my wife’s car and then took off down the road. Somehow my wife managed to follow him to a turkey processing plant where he had entered. A city cop took the truck driver’s story hook, line, and sinker. He told the cop my wife was on the sidewalk trying to drive around him and that he didn’t know that he ran over her car. He wasn’t even issued a ticket. If you can feel a curb as you contact it, how do you drive over a Buick and not know you hit it? I wish I had been driving the car.


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