J&M Tank Lines

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J&M Tank Lines
A Family That Pays

J&M Tank Lines is a family-owned company in business since 1948. As an industry leader in dry-bulk transport, J&M is backed by an elite force of professional drivers and industry experts dedicated to service and safety.

J&M Tank Lines


We started as a family and we’ll remain a family! J & M Tank Lines is blessed to have grown into what it is today. While we hope to continue growing, we will always focus on the family values that started it all.
We take great pride in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. Safety and quality customer service sit at the core of J & M, while our flexibility, innovative technology and dedicated workforce allows us to keep focus on how we can best service our customers.

Commodities Transport

We ship a variety of industrial grade products such as, but not limited to lime, calcium carbonate, cement and sand.

Food Grade Shipping

When it comes to shipping food grade products, we can be your perfect partner. Our food-grade tanks and policies are available to cater to your needs.

Plastic Solutions

Our fleet is equipped with vaccum tanks to service any plastic transport needs you may have. J & M drivers are trained on a variety of tanks and commodities to ensure the delivery and safety of your product.


We strive to grow our business with a culture based on safety and the utilization of the industry’s best technology. The value we put into our employees and our customers results in the quality services we are able to provide.

J & M has a strong safety program with hiring requirements that meet or exceed the requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation. J & M consistently ranks in the upper percentile of a variety of association safety contests each year. Our professional drivers are the best in the industry and represent J & M on the highest level of safety.

Technology is at the forefront of a company’s success. We leverage industry-leading technology, company-wide to manage our fleet, employee and customer information in the most secure and efficient way possible.

The Operations Department is the heart and soul of J&M. This department makes everything happen. They move the freight that our sales force obligates us to haul. Their efforts allow us to maintain the great reputation that we have in regard to Customer service.