KBX Logistics partners with Transflo to offer automated, touch-free eBOL, ePOD solutions

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KBX shippers, carriers and receivers now have access to new contactless electronic bill of lading and proof of delivery options through a partnership between KBX Logistics and Transflo.

TAMPA, Fla. — KBX Logistics, an independent Koch Industries company, is partnering with Transflo, a supplier of point-of-delivery solutions for the transportation industry, to expand its expanding its electronic bill of lading (eBOL) and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solutions. This strategic collaboration will deliver digitized end-to-end automated document workflow solutions between KBX Logistics and its partners including drivers, carriers, shippers and receivers, according to a statement released Aug. 4.

Designed with the help of Transflo’s customer advisory board and several major Koch companies, the new eBOL and ePOD solutions provide multiple ways for shippers affiliated with KBX Logistics to provide necessary documents to drivers. For example, documents may now be uploaded electronically and scanned through the Transflo Mobile+ app, which currently has more than 1.6 million users.

For Georgia-Pacific, a Koch company that has extensive operations across the U.S., this new solution has proven to be highly successful. Without having to change many processes, Georgia-Pacific can now quickly and efficiently move from a nearly 100% manual BOL process to the new KBX eBOL solution for transactions and storage.

“This KBX Logistics solution allows the entire supply chain to move to a completely touch-free, electronically stored bill of lading that achieves greater efficiency and safety, accessibility, storage, and compliance needs — all while reducing operational costs for everyone involved,” said Ron Traub, senior director of manufacturing logistics at Georgia Pacific. “This solution is a critical upgrade to Georgia-Pacific’s current manual application, especially in the current environment with COVID-19, where we try to limit interactions between personnel along all aspects of the shipping cycle.”

Most of KBX Logistics’ carrier partners already use Transflo tools and will have immediate access to the new paperless solutions. In addition, the new eBOL and ePOD solutions can be integrated with those not currently on the Transflo platform.

KBX shippers, carriers and receivers have exclusive access to the electronic solutions, which allow each user to electronically sign and view shipping documents from their own device. This real-time access to forms with date- and time-stamped entries will promote further administrative efficiencies. Documents will be indexed and stored within the Transflo document cloud and can be accessed by any of the respective parties associated with a given shipment, allowing all parties access to the documents. Users can organize paperwork digitally at any point of the lifecycle of the load, which increases efficiencies, enhances workflow and improves safety and compliance to COVID-19 guidance.

“We are excited to partner with Transflo, the clear innovation leader in visibility and communications between freight brokers, carriers, drivers, and shippers. Our solution is safe, efficient, and is driving efficiencies well beyond the shipping and receiving dock,” said Paul Snider, president of KBX Logistics. “Together with Transflo, we will be able to accelerate the adoption of this touch-free application across the industry.”

Frank Adelman, CEO and president of Transflo, said he is also excited about the partnership.

“We are thrilled to partner with a world class organization like KBX Logistics and Koch Industries to leverage one of the strongest digital platforms in the transportation supply chain,” Adelman said. “This partnership is a significant step in driving additional efficiencies and safety-conscience solutions to the market today.”

The Transflo Mobile+ suite of solutions also includes document scanning, freight visibility and truck navigation, plus image optimization and digital workflow-management tools. The suite incorporates telematics and the Transflo T-Series ELD, which is connected to both the vehicle and Transflo Mobile+ on driver’s mobile devices.

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