Why America is facing a shortage of truck drivers.

Video courtesy CBS News

CBS News shares their views on what they think is causing a driver shortage.

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  1. I’m a truck driver and I used to do OTR and the time you spent away from your family and the meals it cost you and being gone 3 weeks plus and only 1 day off for every week out and the pay per miles wasn’t enough while all the big trucking companies made all the money while they paid the drivers peanuts so now I do local driving and home every night and I only work maybe 2 Saturdays out of a month and some months no work on Saturdays and in the long run come out more money and being home with the family and friends and that’s the most important thing

  2. I think it’s a shortage because of all da regulations and da harassment drivers deal with on da road, now we must run ELDs dat don’t make da road any safer, it keeps u away from home and takes away our freedom, every mistake dat u make is stored there for law enforcement to see, da people in congress should ride in the trucks with us for 90 days as well as da DOT then they would understand how reality works


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