Change the world, one hug at a time

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Change the world, one hug at a time
These intertwined trees appear to be sharing a friendly hug. (Courtesy: Marilou Coins)

As we start this New Year, let’s all look at the intertwined trees in the photo above. They seem to be sharing a warm, heartfelt hug. This image shows us how love is to be spread this next year for everyone we meet, and especially for family.

If we can, let the past year just be that — the past — and not carry the baggage of 2022 into the year. Instead, “hug” each new day as a beginning of sharing the love and friendship just imagine how much better the world will be in 365 days!

We all need to understand a hate-filled, disgruntled day is just as bad as a foggy day. On foggy days, we don’t see the clarity of the sun, or the brightness we can bring into our lives and the lives of others. A gloomy day is depressing … but just imagine a hug, and how much it radiates happiness to all.

Have you ever seen someone who just needed a hug to feel better? And once you hugged that person, did you notice that smile on their face? Often, a hug can bring a quick change of attitude for a child. Even pets respond to hugs: Notice the wag of a dog’s tail or hear the purr of a kitten when you pet or gently hug it.

Life is so much brighter once a hug is shared. If trees can hug, like in the picture, then why can’t we as humans do the same to change a gloomy day into a bright, sunny day? Don’t look back; instead, look ahead to much brighter days.

We are the only ones who can make a change. We are the only ones who can help change the world — one hug at a time. If we don’t, then all we have is gloom and despair.

I’m not one who wants to spread a foggy and gloomy day.

I want the “sonshine” of the love of Christ to spread like light of the sun every day in this new year ahead. Can you imagine how much better life will be if each one of us just spread the love of Christ one hug at a time?

Wow — that’s what we all need to do! We need to hug each other, both physically and emotionally, to strengthen our relationships and family connections.

This is the dawn of a new year. This is our chance to brighten the lives of others, as well as bring a little joy into our own lives. Gloom has no place in life. “Sonshine” is what’s needed.

Are you ready to hug the new year and spread the love of Christ, one hug at a time? Give it a try, and you will see how happy you will become, and how happy others will be.

Once you start “hugging” life the way Christ hugs us daily, no one can take that light away from you. Have you ever felt alone and said a prayer, and felt better after that? Well, that’s the hug of the “sonshine” you were feeling. The warmth of a hug goes a long way.

I’m hoping each of you have a hug ever day of this new year, and the warmth of love all year every day.

God is not gloomy. God doesn’t spread gloom. Mankind does that. Get out of the gloom and step into the “sonshine,” and feel the warmth of a sunny day through a hug.

Life is too short for gloomy days. Instead, hug your day and smile. Spread the hugs to all you meet along your way every day. Are you ready for 365 days of hugs? I am!

Best of the roads, and all gears forward in Jesus.

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