Play ball! Overcome life’s ‘strikes’ and make a ‘home run’

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Play ball! Overcome life’s ‘strikes’ and make a ‘home run’

How many of you enjoy baseball? I enjoy watching and cheering for my favorite team. But have you ever really WATCHED the game and thought about how it relates to life?

I’m going to explain a few things I found in baseball that can be related to our lives with Christ.

First, I found the umpire is like God. He’s always watching to see what life throws at us and how we respond by batting it back. Do we hit a home run, a base hit or strike out? If we hit a home run, we score a “win” in our life. If we get a base hit, we still are in the run to get home. Getting home (heaven) is what we all strive for.

But if we strike out, do we give up or do we go back to bat and try again? If we give up then Satan wins. We have three strikes before we are out in baseball, but with God we are able to go back to bat and try again, even after the third strike.

Aren’t you glad God gives us that chance to go to bat again and again? He doesn’t want us to strike out, so he gives us many chances to get on base and finally get home. He doesn’t care if you try several times, just as long as you try. Don’t feel like a strike out is the end. Just pick yourself up, go back to bat and try again for a base hit or a home run.

Life is our baseball field. It is always changing, depending on what is thrown at us, but we need to keep batting at it and score a win. Don’t give up just because you failed a few times. God doesn’t give up on us, but is ready to forgive our strike out and let us keep batting until we get on base and run the field to get our home run (heaven).

We spend our life either at bat or running the bases. In baseball, it’s three strikes and you are out. But with God there is no strike out — unless you give up, don’t repent for your “strikes” and wind up at the end of your life unrepentant and striking out.

God never gives up on us, but we sometimes give up on him, and throwing in the towel and letting Satan win the game of our life.

As long as we get on each base, we are headed for heaven, and we win the game of life. Every time we get on base we are getting closer to home. All we need to do is stay focused and watch what is going to be thrown at us next.

Sometimes we are even able to beat the odds and steal a base. That’s when we are really focused on God and not on what is going on around us. We need to keep our focus on the goal of heaven and not be distracted by things we have no control over.

Once the ball is thrown, our reaction to it determines what happens. We hit the ball and run the bases, or we strike out and fail, only to come back and try again. God does forgive our strike outs and gives us so many chances. All we have to do is be ready and stay focused on the bases, reach for the end and score.

Every day, our score is being renewed. Every day we all play ball and score at the end of the day. Never close your day with a strike out; instead, ask God for the chance to do better the next day. As our “umpire” who is watching us, God gives us that chance daily. However, if we refuse to ask for forgiveness and strike out at the end of our life, God can’t change our score. Repent for your failures daily and watch for the ball that is thrown at you the next day.

Life is a baseball game so play ball and win the game. You’re on the field, both at bat and on base. Make it a home run and not a strike out. It’s your game, and you’re a team of one. Only you can play your game. Enjoy your game of life and keep your eye on the ball that brings you a home run.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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