Questioning faith: Don’t be afraid to ask God for answers

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Questioning faith: Don’t be afraid to ask God for answers

Have you ever thought about faith?

Well, everyone has some sort of faith. They have faith — even unknowingly — that their truck will get them from Point A to point B with no trouble. They have faith they will be able to get through each day without any problems.

You may even have “doubting faith,” but that’s still a kind of faith. How many people have questioned their faith, only to find that their questioning was like a child asking their parents “Why??” a dozen times.

At times, we all ask questions about things, especially what we believe in. Look in your Bible and you can read about all those who had questions of all sorts about all things. To have questions of faith is normal for all of us. We all need to understand but still want to know the “why” of things.

I’ve even had someone ask me why we need to pray. I thought that was strange, since we all pray about something daily, even if we don’t realize we’re praying. It may not be a prayer as we understand prayer, but we DO pray in all sorts of ways.

Have you ever prayed you would get where you are going on time — not asking as a direct prayer, but as a thought? Life is full of prayers that are said daily. We all question ourselves about what’s going on in our daily lives.

Kids are not the only ones to repeatedly ask “Why?” As adults, we also question the “why” in our daily lives. Sometimes we even give ourselves an answer to our own question. I know I have done that on several occasions. It’s normal.

Jesus said that we should come to him as children. Well, children are always full of questions — so don’t be afraid to ask questions while you pray. And don’t be surprised if you get an answer, either positive or negative. Sometimes “no” can be the better answer, because God may have a better plan for you. In my lifetime I have receive quite a few “nos,” only to receive a better “yes” — and it all worked out for me in a much better situation.

Have you asked questions and didn’t get a positive response but later got a better response? That’s how you know God listens and answers all our questions and prayers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t question things, you won’t get an answer.

Kids know how to keep asking until they are sure they have all the answers. Well, God wants us to keep asking until he gives us all the right answers also. Have faith in your prayer questions, and know that God is there with your answer. Draw on him for your direction in life. He has the answer to all your questions.

And don’t be afraid to keep asking the same question over and over until you get an answer. Kids do that, so as children of God we can do it also. Life is full of questions, and we all seem to want the answers — so why not continue asking for answers? That’s the only way to know anything. Ask, and you shall receive.

Have a good month of June.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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