The dawn of a new year offers a fresh chance to make the most of every day

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The dawn of a new year offers a fresh chance to make the most of every day

Welcome to a new year! As we close out the past year, we are all looking forward to the “What’s new?” and “What’s the new year going to be like?”

We all make New Year’s resolutions, but — wow! Within the first month most of those resolutions we make are broken or forgotten.

This year, how about doing something entirely different? How about doing something very special so when you get to Dec. 31 at the end of 2022 you can look back over what happened over the year — look at your calendar, reflect on each day and recall what took place.

When you look at your calendar, you’ll notice each block has a number in. That’s where the challenge is for each day. Mark each day with a G for good, a B for bad or a question mark for days that aren’t so good, but not really bad, either. I call those “so-so” days.

Then, when you get to the next New Year’s Eve you can look through the calendar. On a piece of paper, note how many of each type of day you recorded.

I’m sure you’ll notice that you had more good days than anything else.

God gives us each day of our lives, to find the best of it and enjoy what he has in store for us. Our days are all numbered, from birth to death, so let’s find the good in each day that God gives us. No day can be repeated. There are no do-overs. We can’t rewind what has been, because each day is unique.

But even though they’re often hard to keep, why not make a New Year’s resolution for 2022, one that can be kept without any hassle? Make a resolution to read your Bible, even it’s only one sentence a day. That’s progress, to know what is in that Bible.

Also, take a moment each morning or evening to say a “Thank you for the day” prayer. Soon you will be feeling the blessings that God has bestowed for you to enjoy. Never think you don’t have time to pray. When you take a minute to relax, that’s your chance to breathe a quick, heartfelt prayer.

Don’t look back at the past year and think of it as a loss because that chapter in your life is over. Instead, look at all the blessings that were bestowed on you. The new year is a whole new chance to be blessed even more. Jan. 1 is a fresh start, so make the most of it.

As drivers, you look out the windshield of your rig to see what’s going on ahead. In the same way, look at the dawn of each new day as a preview, a chance to prepare for the adventure of the day. Then, at the end of the day, make a simple note on your calendar to remember what kind of day you had. That’s what I do every day and am really surprised to see how much God has blessed me.

I’m wishing for each of you to have a very blessed year ahead. We all know God will give us a year of blessings beyond what we can imagine. Yes, we may have bumps along the way, but all will smooth out as we keep going.

Take each day and enjoy what it brings, whether it’s good, bad or so-so. I know you will see you had more good, blessed days than anything else.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus,

Rev. Marilou Coins

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