We can (and should) wear white after Labor Day

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We can (and should) wear white after Labor Day

Welcome to September, and happy Labor Day! Sept. 23 is the first day of fall, promising a cooldown from summer heat.

How many of you have seen the Twizzlers commercial with the man asking, “Why shouldn’t I wear white after Labor Day?” You may have asked yourself the same question.

I have a different idea about wearing white. Just think about the hot days of summer as us while we are lost in sin. Then we are saved by grace and given a white robe of cleanliness. So, why don’t we wear our white robes all year long? Are we ashamed of what Christ did for us? Do we hide the fact that we are forgiven through his grace and mercy? All our sins were nailed to the cross on Calvary. Christ said, “It is finished!” This means we all have been saved by his death and have been given “white robes.”

We don’t have to worry about if it’s after Labor Day or not; we can wear our white robes all year long. We do get those robes dirty from time to time, but grace and forgiveness washes them clean again, made white as snow.

White is a sign of forgiveness. We all need to “wear white” all year round.

Sometimes we may even have a tear in our white robe, but all can be mended when we ask God to come back into our lives and get us on the right path again. Prayers are the mending stitches that patch the tears in our ragged robes.

The way I see it, tears can either be sewn up or mended with an iron-on patch; both will work, and our robe will be like new. When we make a small mistake and the tear isn’t too bad, it can be sewn. When we really mess up, resulting in a gaping hole, an iron-on patch may be God’s solution. Iron-on patches will cover the holes that are taking us away from God. Once we mend it and iron on that patch, our robe will look like new, and the patch won’t show. God never lets a torn or dirty robe keep us from him. He welcomes all our robes, and he wants us to try to keep them clean and refreshed as new.

Have you ever had a tear in your favorite shirt or pants and patched them just to make them last a bit longer? Well, I know I have! Once patched, they felt like new. If we do that with our clothing, then why not try doing that with our eternal white robes (our souls)?

My answer to the Twizzler man is this: Yes! We can wear white after September! As a matter of fact, we can wear white all year round because of the grace God gives us to mend our garments. We are washed in the blood of Christ for the forgiveness of all our mistakes. We are mended daily no matter the month or the season. White doesn’t go out of style.

So, stop chewing on your Twizzlers and accept the mending that Christ paid the price for our stitches and iron-on patches. Proudly wear those white robes all year long. Wash them daily in prayer. Mend the holes and tears by asking for forgiveness. Your white robe will never be out of season.

We all are mended garments. We all have dirt, tears and holes to be mended. But it’s the flaws in our robes that make wearing white an awesome statement of our faith in Jesus, who saved us. No season or reason should keep us from wearing our white robes. To God be the glory. To us be the reason to wear white with pride. Keep patching, sewing and washing your robe daily with prayer.

Best of the roads and all gears forward in Jesus.

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