Toll-by-plate coverage to supplement existing nationwide transponder coverage

PA turnpikeweb scaled 1
PA turnpikeweb scaled 1
A new toll-by-plate system launched by Bestpass is designed to streamline billing for commercial fleets as well as tolling authorities. (iStock)

ALBANY, N.Y — Bestpass, a company that provides a comprehensive payment platform with a focus on toll management for commercial fleets, announced March 2 that it has launched a toll-by-plate solution as a supplement to its nationwide transponder-based toll coverage.
“The rise of all-electronic tolling across the United States has led to an increase in unplanned toll-by-plate for commercial fleets,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “By combining our traditional transponder-based coverage with this new toll-by-plate solution, we are able to provide an even more comprehensive toll-management program for our customers.”
Bestpass toll-by-plate coverage includes both power unit and trailer license plates. It helps commercial fleets by consolidating nationwide coverage with tolling authorities and minimizing the impact of toll-by-plate transactions, which includes administrative fees and complications from delayed billing.
In addition to administrative fees and delayed billing, each tolling authority has different business rules, and toll-by-plate can introduce significant complexity for fleets, including challenges related to trailer plates and leased equipment. Toll-by-plate also adds expense and increases processing time for tolling authorities.
“Our toll-by-plate solution facilitates greater efficiency and less cost for both our customers and the toll-facility operators, creating a winning situation for all parties,” said Andrews.

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