Voting now open to choose next Pilot Flying J Road Warrior


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Voting is now open for the Pilot Flying J Road Warrior contest which honors professional truck drivers in the United States who go the extra mile to ensure that products and goods are delivered safely, securely and on time to keep the country moving efficiently.

To vote, go to between now and August 22 at 7:59 a.m.

The Road Warrior most deserving will receive a $10,000 grand prize.

The second place winner will receive a $5,000 prize, third place will receive $2,500 and the remaining nine finalists will each receive $1,000.

The winners will be announced September 10 during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Here are the top 12 Road Warriors

Adam Cook


Adam is an Army Veteran Combat Medic and became a professional driver to help build a better life for his family. Adam has worked hard to help his wife with a health scare and she says he “never gives up, he never slacks off, and he never complains.”

Alton Jackson


Alton is an Ambassador of the Road for Melton Truck Lines, a 2-million-mile driver, and a Road Trainer. “Alton is more than willing to pass on his valuable knowledge to others. His exceptional safety record and extensive experience in the industry has not only contributed to Melton’s success, but to others success out on the road,” said a representative of Melton Truck Lines.

Bob Lloyd


Bob has been a professional driver for over 47 years. He is involved in numerous trucking charities and even helped found “Truckers United for Charities.” He also volunteers his time serving on mission trips.

Chris Morris


In addition to his career as a professional driver, Chris also drives for the military in the Ohio Army National Guard. He has four children and another one due in the fall. His wife says he is “a hero to his family and our country.”

Christopher Dowdy


Christopher has over 2.5 million accident free miles in over 20 years of driving. He started “Truckers for Hope” as a way to give back to children at St. Jude and educate the public on how to drive safely around semi-trucks.

Dawn Stanton


Dawn has been a professional driver for 16 years and is also a first responder. She works hard to help support local fire departments, food banks and Cops for Tots.

Gary Buchs


Gary is an owner-operator contracted to Landstar that has been driving for more than 25 years and has over two million accident free miles. He always promotes safety. More than 10,000 driver education students throughout the state of Illinois have been touched by his unique presentations at youth events throughout the years. He has worked closely with local and state police, the Illinois Department of Transportation and several large companies to provide education to drivers everywhere.

Gary Martin


Gary is a contractor for FedEx Ground and has over 35 years of over the road accident free driving. He is a four time California state truck driving champion, manages ten over the road tractors and still finds time to involve himself in a number of charities in the state of California.

James Monclair


After achieving over 1 million miles with Melton Truck Lines, James became an Ambassador of the Road for Melton and serves as a mentor to other drivers. James is a veteran and volunteers to drive his wrapped veteran truck in the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade each year. He also makes an annual trip to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to volunteer and spend Survivors Day with his daughter.

Jim Klemm


Jim drives hazardous chemicals all over the country and still finds time to support his six children. Jim once saved a woman’s life who he found on the side of the road and pinned under her vehicle. “He’s strong, brave, loyal, generous & kind,” his wife said. “He’s as hard working as they come!”

Michael Fisher


Michael has almost 5 million miles on the road and is a Vietnam veteran. Not only did he risk his life while in the Army, he has risked his life on many occasions while on the road helping fellow truck drivers and other people. Most recently, in 2016, he saved two school buses full of children from crashing into him by accelerating his Freightliner down the off ramp and into the grass to avoid collision.

Victoria Andrade


When her parents passed away over 30 years ago, Victoria made it her mission to turn her job at UPS into a career so that she could provide for her eight siblings. She began working at UPS as a car washer and is now a feeder driver. Her family is proud of her for being “a fierce woman and an outstanding employee for UPS.”


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