On the Road to Normalcy

John Lyboldt
Truckload Carriers Association President John Lybolt

As I write this, the state of Virginia is still in Phase One of reopening post-coronavirus. Our governor is remaining cautious but optimistic. By the time many of you read this, your states will have reopened many businesses, and life will be on the road to getting back to our pre-COVID-19 normal.

OTR Capital

As COVID-19 cases slow, and North Americans return to their jobs, stores, restaurants, and visiting with family and friends, TCA also prepares to reopen its office.

TCA’s leadership team has crafted a reopening plan which will allow TCA staffers to slowly return to their offices and begin the process of collaborating again in person. Like in many of your companies, we have had to make many changes to our building to face our new reality: installing touchless sinks, light switches that are automatic, and more to ensure the safety of not only our staff but our guests.

Since going remote in mid-March, TCA has kept its membership up to date by providing a daily COVID-19 news brief. We are proud to share that more than 510,000 messages have been sent throughout the last three months. We hope you found these to be informative.

As we look ahead to the fall and a continued return to normalcy, I encourage you to join TCA and colleagues Sept. 22-23 for our fourth annual Call on Washington and Fall Business Meetings in Washington, D.C. TCA’s Call on Washington is your opportunity to meet directly with members of Congress, key congressional staff and federal regulators to discuss legislation and regulations, such as infrastructure funding mechanisms and the trucking industry’s support for an increased federal fuel tax; opposition to any increases to federal truck size and weight restrictions; F4A federal preemption of state meal and rest break laws; and more affecting our industry.

To view our events calendar, and our COVID-19 resources page, visit truckload.org.

In trucking, we are survivors and will do what it takes to get the job done. Your incredible tenacity, determination, and driver-centric compassion has and will prove out to be the fuel in keeping North America’s economy and employment moving forward.

We are a proud bunch, and at the same time humbled by the awesome responsibilities bestowed upon us as the “Knights of the Highway.”

Stay safe.

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