Ok viewers, it’s time to play our regular game, “Who’s Fault Is It?”
Do you think the trucker cut off the red Corvette or was the Corvette just being a jerk?
Obviously the brake check by the Corvette at the end was a jerk move, but who was at fault leading up to this?
Warning: Strong Language
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Courtesy: Joeybowman

Last week in NC… from r/Truckers

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  1. You can’t see the mirror on the truck to see if the car was there or not. But lets face it most people who see a truck’s blinker will try to get past it before the trucker changes lanes.

  2. Cars fault 100%. You can see in the driver side hood mirror that the truck was in the passing lane before the car passed him on the shoulder.

  3. I believe the trucker was at fault. He moved over but the red car came too quick. The trucker must of cut him Off and didn’t allow proper time otherwise that car Would of taken longer to do the illegal pass.

  4. What led up to it? The truck sees the slow dump truck but probably sees the Corvette eating him up but he moves over anyways. From there road rage develops. Next time ease off the pedal let the Vette pass then move over. There was plenty of time for that to work. Don’t expect aholes to give into your wants. Slowing down and speeding up is really not that big of a deal. Don’t act like it kills you. This guy is probably a middle Lane hog too.


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