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Bob Perry has spent nearly the past four decades on a mission to educate professional drivers and share life-changing products and services to help them live healthier lives while on the road. Recognized throughout the transportation industry, from bus drivers to over-the-road professional drivers, Bob Perry has played an important role in creating a paradigm shift helping regulatory agencies, private and public sector entities, and consumers understand the current health challenges of the professional driver. He has participated as a wellness advocate in several roundtable discussions, large audience groups and small forums as well as going "curbside" through a national truck stop tour.Bob’s articles have been featured in The Trucker and a number of other national transportation industry publications and is the host of a weekly wellness call produced by Rolling Strong. Bob has been a regular guest on RedEye Radio and Land-Line Radio, and is often an invited guest on Sirius radio shows. He has been featured in the New York Times, Men's Health Magazine, Drug Store News, American Road Magazine, WSJ, NPR, ABC National Radio, as well as hundreds of daily newspapers. He has appeared on television news shows across the nation, including a featured TV segment on ABC NightLine News.
knee pain

Consider these tips to protect your knees

Knee injuries are no joke, and neither are those minor aches and pains that develop in our knees over time.The nature of a professional...
Draft Pick

Drivers should work to become a top ‘draft pick’ for motor carriers

Each year, when the NFL free agency draft pick starts, with pro teams looking to pick up the best-of-the-best plays and put together a...
exercise anywhere

No gym? No problem! Flexible workout can be done anywhere, no equipment needed

Ever used the excuse of not being near the gym to justify not exercising? Not that professional drivers often have the luxury stopping at...
heart rate

Understanding your heart rate is first step in extending your body’s ‘miles’

When it comes managing your heart rate, it’s kind of like the speed of your truck and managing fuel efficiency. Drivers and carriers are...
breaking a cigarette

Sitting: The new ‘stop smoking’ warning

The latest research, according to The Mayo Clinic shows that sitting may be more harmful to your health than smoking. Ouch. That’s not good...
man doing situps in parking lot

Flexibility is key for drivers looking to start a daily exercise routine

What is the best time of day for a workout? That’s a good question asked by many professional truck drivers.Personally, I’ve always preferred morning...
health journal

Health journaling can help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions

In the last edition of The Trucker, I talked about the importance of choosing an exercise you WILL do as opposed to one you...
New Year Resolution

New Year’s resolutions: It’s not about what you should do; it’s about what you...

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about — you guessed it — your New Year’s resolutions. Soon your email inbox...
bananas and apples

When it comes to your health, there are no bad apples … or bananas

There are no bad apples. In fact, you’re going to want this bad boy in your corner in the fight against heart disease. Apples...
truck on snowy road

Make sure you and your cab are prepared for unexpected delays in icy weather

It’s that time of the year again when drivers must winterize their rig as they prepare for inclement weather and conditions ranging from icy...
Flu season exit sign

With cold weather and flu season on the horizon, now is the time to...

Drivers, the dreaded cold-and-flu season is upon us —that time of year when you need to protect your personal engine from freezing up, locking...
pushup on a hill at sunset

Congratulations to the winners of the Fit to Pass Fittest Driver Push-up Contest

The Fittest Driver Push-up Contest, presented by Fit to Pass and The Trucker, was designed to test the strength and conditioning of professional drivers...
Man with back pain

Work missed due to lower back pain can result in a big pain in...

Back pain not only discomforting; it’s costly, too. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from drivers — and...
washing hands

Staying Healthy on the Road, Part 4: Keep it clean with good personal hygiene

In the past three articles on TheTrucker.com, we talked about the first three steps to staying healthy on the road — quality sleep, proper...
exercise weights

Staying Healthy on the Road, Part 3: Exercise plays vital role in overall health

In previous posts on TheTrucker.com, we covered Parts 1 and 2 (getting good quality of sleep and ensuring proper nutrition) in a four-part series...
nutrition label and fruit

Healthy on the road, Part 2: Provide your body with quality ‘fuel’ for proper...

In a previous post on TheTrucker.com, we began a four-part series about staying healthy while working as an over-the-road driver. In that column, we...
sleeping man

Quality sleep is the first of four key steps to staying healthy on the...

Driving a truck is a demanding, stressful job, and we all know it is more essential now than ever for drivers to be on...
mini fridge

Drivers should conduct pre-trip safety checks on fridges as they do trucks

One of the most basic things in trucking is the pre-trip walk-around. Drivers are trained intensely on pre-trip safety checks — to walk around...
Garlic on cutting board

Garlic can be a tool used to help with social distancing and boosting health

In these times, more than ever, we must protect our immune systems. With today’s new standard of social distancing, garlic is the answer.Garlic offers...
truck driver pulling the hood

Stabilizer muscles can easily be compared to a truck’s stabilizer bars

First, I want to thank all the drivers who reached out to me to say how much they enjoyed the article titled “Truckers can...