United Bus Technology offers free ELD demo period to former ONE20 customers


McLEAN, Va. — United Bus Technology (UBT), an IT solution provider in the trucking and motorcoach industries, Monday invited those customers affected by the announced closing of ONE20 Inc. and the expiring support of its apps, including the ONE20 F-ELD app, to switch their services to UBT’s Shield ELD system.

UBT is offering a free six-month demo period for any operators looking to make the switch over to Shield.

During this period, those accepting the offer will have access to the entirety of Shield’s capabilities, including violation notifications, IFTA tracking, availability recaps and more.

“No operators should feel like they’re stranded out on their own after something like this happens,” said Timothy Wilson, vice president of UBT. “It’s a shame to hear what happened to ONE20, but our focus is squarely on these customers who are left without an option. We want to help them jump back into compliancy in the easiest way possible. And with SHIELD, we believe they will be able to do that.”

The FMCSA ELD mandate went into effect on December 18, 2017.

ELDs on many vehicles currently are still new and both owners and operators are still struggling to learn the ins and outs of their respective systems, Wilson said.

“To just be getting familiar with a system and then lose it is definitely frustrating. We here at UBT want to make the transition for these owners and operators easier for them and hep mitigate some of that frustration,” he said.

Shield was developed from the beginning with drivers in mind, with emphasis placed on ease of use and including the features most important to drivers, such as notifications that help drives avoid violations, Wilson said.

“Our ELD is a SHIELD for operators to stand behind,” Wilson said. “To all of you now without a system, I invite you to give us a try. There are no costs tied to the trial and no strings attached. We think it’s always best to know what you’re getting into when you’re adding a new piece of technology to your fleet.”

Shield was first made available for purchase on April 28 and is one of UBT’s flagship products, joining MegaWiFi, OnCoach Cinema and MegaTrac.

ONE20 went out of business June 18.

In making the announcement, ONE20 stated on its website:

“We launched ONE20 Inc. in 2015 as a way for drivers to get access to the tools they need to do what they do, without spending an arm and leg. We gave it our best shot.

“On June 18, 2018 ONE20 Inc. will be ceasing operations. We wish it wasn’t true but sometimes you win and sometimes you take one on the nose. This time it’s our turn.

“Your ONE20 apps (ONE20 Maps, My ONE20 and ONE20 F-ELD) will NOT continue to work. “We won’t be doing any updates or offering any support.”

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