ALK Technologies launches new trip planning driver app


PRINCETON, N.J. —  ALK Technologies, a Trimble Company and global provider of transportation technology and mobility solutions, has launched a trip planning driver app—MileOn by PC*MILER.

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Powered by ALK’s flagship PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software, the new app gives drivers a much-needed tool for trip planning, scheduling Hours of Service breaks and choosing the right rest stops for their needs while staying DOT compliant.

“Although dispatchers and planners have been utilizing PC*MILER for years to generate routes, miles and reports, this technology, hasn’t been available for drivers to use — until now,” said Bill Maddox, vice president of PC*MILER. “MileOn by PC*MILER is taking some of these tools from the back office and putting them right into the hands of drivers to give more control over how they plan their trips.”

MileOn by PC*MILER takes a driver’s available HOS, schedule and trip preferences in order to generate intelligent, route-specific rest stop suggestions, Maddox said.

Drivers will have the choice to stop at different truck stops and rest areas based on location, available hours and important available amenities, such as showers.

Once drivers select their desired stop, MileOn by PC*MILER will update the trip plan so that they know exactly where to go. Not only will this help drivers maximize HOS, but it can also improve overall customer service by helping them to achieve delivery windows.

The app is designed to help drivers stay compliant and plan trips with breaks at preferred rest stops along the way, Maddox said, adding that it also includes integrated real time traffic and weather alerts up to 48 hours in advance to help keep drivers informed of traffic and constantly changing roads and weather conditions that may impact trip planning.

“If you’re going to head into a thunderstorm or a blizzard somewhere on your trip, we’re going to tell you where that’s going to be so you can plan better,” Maddox said. “A driver can choose to route around the area or even take a rest break in advance of the inclement weather.”

The MileOn by PC*MILER app is available to Android users in both free and paid versions. The paid version of the app includes additional features, such as sophisticated HOS planning.

For more information about MileOn by PC*MILER, visit

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