Dana launching new Spicer Select drivetrain products


MAUMEE, Ohio — Dana is launching new Spicer Select drivetrain products, a new line of all-makes coverage for the North American commercial-vehicle aftermarket.

Ideally suited for aging vehicles, the new portfolio features Dana-engineered and -tested drivetrain products manufactured by a network of carefully selected partners, according to Mark Wallace, executive vice president of Dana and president of Dana commercial driveline technologies.

Spicer Select is available through traditional commercial-vehicle aftermarket channels, and immediately includes u-joints and center bearings with a plan to expand to yokes.

Similar to the widely recognized red branding of genuine Spicer parts, the new Spicer Select products will be easily identifiable in aftermarket outlets by its unique purple packaging and brand personality.

“The new portfolio provides a Dana-engineered and -tested aftermarket solution to help maximize the life of aging vehicles that still have a job to do,” Wallace said.  “The Spicer Select line is inclusive of high-demand replacement parts, which have been analyzed by our engineering teams and manufactured to meet Dana’s aftermarket requirements.”

To further solidify the quality of the offering, Spicer Select parts undergo an assessment, including design-feature evaluations and engineering-specification approval. Manufacturing partners are vetted through a detailed audit, and the process is finalized by testing the part to ensure it meets Dana quality and performance levels.

“With the longevity of today’s vehicles, operators need replacement options that provide a proven level of performance,” Wallace said. “Beginning with exceptional parts and Dana-approved engineering protocol, Spicer Select products set themselves apart by maintaining a high-quality process, ensuring proper fit and function, as well as long-lasting service.”

In anticipation of the needs of the light-vehicle aftermarket, Dana plans to announce Spicer Select for light-vehicle applications with the launch of u-joints, center bearings, and yokes, beginning in early 2019.

Wallace said Spicer Select drivetrain products are backed by a comprehensive, competitive warranty and supported by Dana’s dedicated aftermarket team.

For program information, visit www.SpicerParts.com/SpicerSelect.

For part numbers and availability visit www.DanaAftermarket.com.

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