EKA, Transflo announce collaboration to digitize workflow between shippers, carriers

Digital Freight Concept
By digitizing document workflows between shippers and carriers, customers could potentially see six-figure savings, according to JJ Singh, founder, investor and CEO or EKA Solutions Inc.

SALT LAKE CITY — EKA Solutions Inc., a provider of cloud-based freight management and end-to-end supply-chain platforms for small and midsize carriers, brokers and shippers is significantly expanding its strategic collaboration with Transflo. This strategic collaboration, announced July 15, will deliver transformational end-to-end digital and automated transportation document workflows solutions between shippers and carriers.

“EKA is excited to continue to strategically partner with Transflo, the leader in digitizing transportation workflows, to deliver smart electronic documents solutions, like electronic bill of lading (eBOL), that results in reduced physical contact, fewer labor hours, higher document accuracy, improved cashflows to its customers, all with high level of safety, searchability and security. Digitizing BOL is just one important step of going contactless,” said JJ Singh, founder, investor and CEO of EKA Solutions Inc.

In addition to using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other tech solutions to enhance the supply chain, Singh said digitizing document workflows between shippers and carriers could result in six-figure savings for customers.

“Innovation across the transportation chain is accelerating, and most of it comes from software and technology,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Transflo. “We’re excited to work closely with the experienced and talented supply-chain leadership team at EKA Solutions Inc. to accelerate the delivery of innovative end-to-end digital and automated document and mobility solutions.”

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