Geotab’s upgraded GO9+ telematics device offers expanded connectivity for fleet operations

Geotab GO9
The new GO9+ telematics solution from Geotab offers expanded Wi-Fi capabilities, benefiting both fleet managers and long-haul drivers. (Courtesy: Geotab)

TORONTO — Geotab now offers enhanced connectivity for fleets with the new GO9+ telematics solution, which now includes Wi-Fi connectivity.

The new GO9+ is built on Geotab’s GO9 device, which debuted in 2019 to help businesses better manage their fleets through improved acceleration tracking, a more accurate GPS and better support for vehicle-generated data and for new vehicle types.

In addition to providing full visibility of vehicles in real time, the enhanced GO9+ offers Wi-Fi connectivity for up to four hours with the ignition off, allowing long-haul drivers to access internet services without tapping their personal cellular data plans. In addition, the enhanced Wi-Fi access eliminates wasted fuel as well as greenhouse gas generated by vehicles left idling for the purpose of Wi-Fi access.

According to a statement from Geotab, the GO9+ is ideal for fleets and vehicles of all classes and duties, including heavy truck fleets, rideshare vehicles, small business fleets, ride-for-hire services, buses and even for use as a single-vehicle mobile office. The GO9+ it is supported by the MyGeotab platform, which provides managers with centralized access to all connected vehicle data. The addition of Wi-Fi to the GO9 platform allows businesses to reduce the number of cellular connections in the field while improving access to data options for employees.

“The GO9+ opens up internet access to more people, allowing managers to stay connected to their teams, enhancing the ability of businesses to operate with employees away from an office or logistics warehouse,” said Colin Sutherland, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Geotab. “The adoption of efficiency tools for employees has accelerated and as we end an unpredictable and unprecedented year, one thing we can place firmly in the silver linings column for 2020 is that many industries have pivoted to permanently optimizing their everyday business practices for an increasingly connected world.”

The GO9+ will first be available in the U.S., and is expected to roll out in other regions in later this year. For more information about the GO9+ telematics solution, click here.

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