Heated headlights designed to prevent buildup of snow, ice in winter driving conditions

Heated Headlight
United Pacific Industries has introduced a new “plug-and-play” 4x6-inch heated LED headlight for commercial trucks, designed to prevent the buildup of snow or ice on wintry routes. (Courtesy: United Pacific Industries)

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Winter weather has already arrived in some parts of the U.S. and Canada, creating hazardous driving condition for commercial truckers and other motorists. One problem many drivers face is the buildup of ice or snow on their vehicle’s headlights.

United Pacific Industries has expanded its commercial truck headlight product line with the addition of a new 4×6-inch heated LED headlight. Ideal for cold and snowy environments, the new replacement headlight features a heating system that automatically de-ices the headlight according to the ambient temperature, the manufacturer notes.

In addition, United Pacific Industries said, the headlight unit is constructed of a heavy-duty aluminum housing and features a durable glass lens, and is DOT approved. The new heated LED headlight is available in high beam and low beam, with a choice of either a chrome or black inner liner. The 12-24 VDC light delivers 1,000 lumens with the 20-watt low beam and 1,200 lumens with the 24-watt high beam.

“Truck drivers will greatly appreciate this innovative, new LED headlight technology, as it will enable them to keep driving in inclement conditions without having to worry about snow or ice build-up on their headlights,” said Jai Baek, marketing and creative director for United Pacific Industries. “These lights have a standard H4 style connector plug for easy plug-and-play installation.”

For more information about United Pacific Industries’ heated headlights, click here.

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