Hyliion partners with Detmar Logistics for fleet electrification

Matt Detmar and Mike Campanella
Matt Detmar, right, CEO of Detmar Logistics, and Mike Campanella, senior sales associate at Hyliion, discuss the hybrid units that are being installed on Detmar’s Volvo trucks. (Courtesy: Hyliion)

AUSTIN, Texas — Hyliion Holdings Corp., a maker of electrified powertrains for Class 8 trucks, has partnered with Detmar Logistics LLC, a provider of frack sand solutions, Hyliion announced May 20. Through this first company collaboration serving the oil and gas industry, Hyliion will work with Detmar as the company initiates the electrification of its fleet over the next five years.


“We’re thrilled to be building a lasting relationship with a business that shares our vision of a net-carbon-negative commercial transportation industry,” said Thomas Healy, Hyliion founder and CEO. “Detmar is paving the way with their commitment to adopting alternative fuels, and we look forward to continuing to offer the practical solutions they need to help realize their goal of becoming a fully electrified fleet.”

An early adopter of electrification in the oil and gas industry, Detmar owns and operates 127 trucks and hauls more 200 loads of fracking sand per day. The logistics company has placed its initial order of 10 Hyliion Hybrid Electric units, marking a step on its path to powering 100% of its fleet with low-emission solutions.

“Oil and gas will continue to be an important part of the world’s energy future, and it’s imperative that we align with climate efforts to make our operations sustainable for generations to come,” said Matthew Detmar, logistics president and CEO for Detmar. “Hyliion’s approach to electrification by making improvements to our existing semitrucks makes the most sense for us. We also see natural gas playing a significant role as an energy source for powering electric vehicles in the years ahead.”

Flaring at oil and gas extraction sites can be one of the largest greenhouse gas-emitting practices in the industry. However, with an increasing focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), the infrastructure to convert flare gas into usable compressed natural gas (CNG) continues to grow. This allows what was once a waste product to be turned into usable fuel to power electrified trucks.

“We want to work with our customers to keep American energy moving forward and oil and gas production sustainable. We believe in doing our part in pushing toward reliable, low-carbon alternatives and we look forward to achieving that through Hyliion’s Hybrid solution and the Hypertruck ERX in the future,” Detmar said.

The initial hybrid units are being installed on Detmar’s Volvo trucks at Hyliion’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. Hyliion’s diesel and CNG hybrid solutions can be installed on most major Class 8 commercial trucks and are designed to improve performance, reduce emissions, lower fuel costs and enhance the driver experience.

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