Konexial, Nokē develop new keyless digital smart-locking system to help prevent trailer theft

Konexial, Nokē develop new keyless digital smart-locking system to help prevent trailer theft
Konexial’s My20 Locking System, developed in partnership with Nokē, offers keyless digital security to help secure trailers. (Courtesy: Konexial)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Ensuring load security is vital to all parties involved in a shipping transaction. To help drivers more easily secure their trailers, Konexial has partnered with Nokē to create the My20 Locking System, a keyless, high-security, digital smart-locking platform used to provide trailer and container security for My20 ELD and Fleet Management customers. The My20 Locking System is secured by Nokē’s smart-locking hardware and dual-layered encryption keys and is controlled from Konexial’s My20 software ecosystem. The system can lock, unlock, track and control all lock access from anywhere, through the My20 iOS or Android mobile application.

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“We are always looking for new partnerships and programs to help improve the lives of our truck-driving customers and fleets,” said Ken Evans, CEO of Konexial.

“My20 Locking System with secure digital locks will significantly reduce and even eliminate the threat of trailer theft. With more drivers parking in remote areas, securing the back door of the trailer is a critical issue for drivers and their shippers,” Evans continued. “My20 makes this technology easy — no more lost keys, and the owner has a full digital record of who, when and where the lock was accessed.”

The My20 Locking system is available in options, the HD Padlock and Lock Block. The HD Padlock is made of hardened steel, has a 10 mm shackle and boasts a water-resistance rating of IP67. The lock body is designed to withstand tough environments and extreme weather conditions, and houses sophisticated technology. The Lock Block is a heavy-duty, steel housing that offers additional protection for the HD Padlock to provide an extreme-security, tamper-resistant, keyless locking system. The Lock Block has a built-in interlocking shackle that drops into the removeable HD Padlock lock body, creating impassable security.

Access to both types of physical locks are provisioned, customized, controlled and tracked in the My20 Tower, a web-based control tower for telematics.

“Our team is thrilled that Konexial selected the Nokē Smart-Locking System to power their logistics security platform,” said Ramsay Henderson, director of international business development for Nokē. “Konexial’s leadership, support and innovative use of technology will boost and streamline their security access processes and raise the My20 ecosystem to the next level.”

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