Netradyne launches new integrated vision safety system

This photo shows Netradyne’s Driveri Portal Event Access View with choice from eight different camera views. (Courtesy: NETRADYNE )

SAN DIEGO — Netradyne, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology focusing on driver and fleet safety, has launched VisionPRO, a new integrated vision safety system that allows customers to choose up to eight different camera angles to capture and analyze greater visibility for driving events.

Traditionally, vision-safety systems within commercial fleets have had difficulty capturing the back or side of a truck, in many cases leading to “mystery damages” should an accident occur. With VisionPRO, camera views are seamlessly integrated into the Driveri portal giving fleet managers the ability to access desired views from a given incident, according to Adam Kahn, vice president of fleet business for Netradyne.

Netradyne Driveri VisionPRO side camera views.

The further context protects drivers who may have been rear-ended or side swiped, which until now, would only be a speculative case for certain incidents due to a lack of visual evidence, he said.

While Driveri’s current system captures and analyzes every minute of the driving day, allowing for more positive coaching between driver and fleet manager and providing increased litigation mitigation, the addition of VisionPRO takes it a step further. Different camera views mean increased opportunities for driver engagement and protection, as well as more protection in cases of false claims.

“At Netradyne, we are continually looking for ways to improve Driveri to protect drivers and create opportunities for positive driving conversations,” Kahn said. “What we realized was most legacy camera systems out there had various blind spots that could allow for punitive measures to be taken without the full breadth of an event. With VisionPRO, drivers and fleet managers alike can rest easy knowing that nearly all angles of the truck are covered, protecting them from false accusations.”

Netradyne’s Driveri is a vision-based driver retention and safety platform for commercial vehicles, which captures and analyzes every minute of every driving day. The platform uses a high-quality HD cameras to provide a complete view of the road along with advanced AI and Edge Computing technologies to analyze driver behavior and relay data to fleet managers immediately.

For more information about Driveri or to inquire about commercial vehicle safety tools, please visit

Founded in 2015, Netradyne has technology innovation centers in both San Diego and Bangalore, India, where teams are hyper-focused on launching a driver safety platform for commercial vehicles.


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