New LinkeDrive app aims to streamline driver onboarding, training, reporting and more

Driver in Cab of Truck
LinkeDrive’s resources for drivers and fleet managers are now available in a mobile app.

BOSTON — LinkeDrive Inc., a provider of driver performance management (DPM) solutions for the transportation industry, has released the LinkeDrive app, continuing the company’s efforts to improve the end-to-end driver experience and empower drivers with the information needed to succeed.

The LinkeDrive app provides clear, visual, intuitive communication of organizational goals and driver performance and has been hailed by early adopters as the “driver’s go-to hub that makes a difference,” according to LinkeDrive. The app is available for IOS, Android and laptops.

“We are thrilled to launch the LinkeDrive app, completing our vision of enabling a self-regulating driver. With this new application, we are empowering our drivers with all (and only) the data, insights and coaching that is needed, when and where they need it,” said Jeff Baer, CEO and founder of LinkeDrive.

“For our drivers, it is a one-stop shop, with easy access to intuitive, visual performance details. For our managers, it means that winning results can be driven with little to no effort in the office,” he said. “With LinkeDrive, drivers are much more engaged and happier — and we know that happier and more engaged drivers are more productive, fuel efficient, and safe.”

Primary features of the LinkeDrive app include:

  • LinkeDrive reporting: Daily MyDrive, Monthly MyScore, 30/60/90-Day Trends.
  • Leaderboards: Easily extensible to any data set to create customized leaderboards (e.g., safety leaders, number of customer “likes” and PedalCoach Score) and flexible reporting on fleets, regions, business units and companies.
  • Driver coaching: Complete with personalized driver coaching, infographics and video training support, including coaching review and engagement adherence scoring.
  • Training and onboarding: Full suite of onboarding and training materials, spanning tips, infographics and videos.
  • Configuration tuning and customization for drivers: Drivers and managers can personalize their accounts and report delivery preferences, as well as the look and “feel” of the app.
  • Other functionalities: Star and create a favorite MyDrive list, easily share MyDrives and add truck specs to reports.

“These days, drivers — and for that matter, society as a whole — have greater expectations on the information that’s available to them in their personal lives, as well as at work. Apps showing progress against goals and performance are more and more commonplace in individuals’ daily lives,” said Tibor Ivanyi, vice president of engineering at LinkeDrive.

“The transportation industry in many cases, however, has lagged in these modern approaches to provide the needed information to drivers in a fair and positive way that truly scales,” Ivanyi continued. “By combining the latest in flexible, web-based and mobile technologies, with Nobel prize-winning approaches in behavioral science, we’re truly creating a best-in-class experience for drivers with the LinkeDrive app. The focus of our design is to provide a streamlined interface making it easy for drivers to see the good work they are doing out there every day.”

LinkeDrive’s patented DPM solution begins in the cab with real-time coaching, followed by daily, weekly and monthly engagements with drivers, each attuned to organizational goals and objectives. An operationally streamlined, mobile-friendly portal is available to management.

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