Peterbilt delivers its milestone 10,000th Model 579 UltraLoft

Peterbilt 10,000th
Josh Hainstock, vice president of fleet operations for Long Haul Trucking, said the carrier is honored to receive the 10,000th Model 579 UltraLoft. Delivery of the truck is a company milestone for Peterbilt. (Courtesy: Peterbilt)

DENTON, Texas — Peterbilt Motors Co. has reached a company milestone: The manufacturer recently delivered its 10,000th Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft. Long Haul Trucking, based in Albertville, Minnesota, was the buyer of the integrated high-loft sleeper truck.

“To receive the 10,000th Model 579 UltraLoft is a great honor for us at Long Haul Trucking. Uptime is what Long Haul Trucking and Peterbilt are all about. It’s also a big part of the reason we have 140 Peterbilt 579s in our fleet,” said Josh Hainstock, vice president of fleet operations for Long Haul Trucking.

“We are excited to present Long Haul Trucking with Peterbilt’s 10,000th Model 579 UltraLoft. Long Haul Trucking has a rich history with the Peterbilt brand. We appreciate our long-term partnership and look forward to helping them grow their impressive fleet of Peterbilt Model 579s in the future,” said Robert Woodall, assistant general manager of sales and marketing for Peterbilt.

The Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft continued Peterbilt’s interior offers the largest storage capacity available in the industry, with more than 70 cubic feet of space that features multiple compartments, a large wardrobe closet and several cubbies. A fold-away ladder provides easy access to the upper bunk and disappears when not in use.

The exterior design with the 80-inch UltraLoft high-roof integral sleeper achieves the goal of maintaining the iconic Peterbilt look while improving aerodynamics and saving weight. The UltraLoft sleeper provides a 200-pound weight savings and up to a 2% aerodynamic enhancement over Peterbilt’s discrete sleepers, equating to as much as a 1% fuel efficiency improvement to the bottom line.

“We take great pride in our people and our equipment, and it’s nice to work with a brand like Peterbilt that shares our values. We are excited to continue this partnership and continue serving our customers with the highest quality trucks” said Jason Michels, CEO of  Long Haul Trucking.

“The superior features and quality of the Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft has made it a truck that drivers aspire to drive, and with Peterbilt’s legendary durability the truck companies want to have in their fleets,” said Jason Skoog, Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president.

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