Prophesy, KeepTruckin join forces to offer real-time communication for drivers, back office

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A collaboration between two logistics technology solutions providers offers streamlined communication between a motor carrier’s back office team and drivers.

MINNEAPOLIS — More products, distribution channels and heightening consumer expectations for choice, adaptability and speed make supply chains increasingly complex. Transportation management is pivotal in meeting today’s demands, and truckload carriers need immediate, accurate communication about loads.

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Prophesy, a provider of transportation management systems, and KeepTrucking, a provider of fleet-management technology, have developed a system to enhance transportation management.

Together, Prophesy’s Dispatch TMS and KeepTruckn’s Vehicle Gateway electronic logging device (ELD) and driver app enable seamless real-time communication between a carrier’s back office staff and drivers for the entire workload.

“Uniting the abilities of KeepTruckin and Prophesy enables trucking companies to turn challenges into opportunities for transportation management,” said Kevin Pasternack, vice president of sales for Prophesy at Körber Supply Chain Software. “Together, we provide the shipment visibility and insights to assure you have the right resources in the right place at the right time — all from a single platform. We  look forward to building on this relationship with KeepTruckin to continue meeting the increasingly complex needs of dispatchers and drivers today and beyond.”

Prophesy Dispatch automatically sends all load information to the KeepTruckin driver app using the KeepTruckin Driver Workflow feature. Arrival and departure information is automatically captured in the KeepTruckin driver app. The driver can manually update all other load data within the app including, but not limited to, weight, pieces, pallets, BOL and other reference numbers. Image capture is also possible.

All of this information is sent to Prophesy Dispatch, with images automatically stored and associated with the correct load. As a result, verbal communication is eliminated. Rolling ETAs are instantly calculated, with load status updates sent to customers in real time — along with  immediate billing. This improves operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences and reduces costs, according to Prophesy and KeepTruckin. Hours-of-service data is also automatically sent to the Prophesy Dispatch system, alerting dispatchers to which drivers have enough available hours to be assigned to a load assuring compliance.

“Streamlining how companies communicate across internal teams is key to maintaining customer satisfaction, reducing operating costs and scaling their businesses,” said Charles Julius, head of product for app marketplace at KeepTruckin. “Our fully integrated experience with Prophesy empowers drivers and dispatchers to communicate directly through KeepTruckin’s driver app about Prophesy loads — to not only create a single source of truth for dispatch data, but to help increase speed across all areas of the supply chain.”

The KeepTruckin integration is available to all current Prophesy Dispatch customers. For more information, click here.

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